3869 days, 36 times in total, the haircut record that came to the barber shop / hairdresser in 23 countries

My heart was damaged by a certain idol group 's just a love affair' and news. There are also those who make love without being able to make love. When I thought of such a thing, not only my head but my heart was refreshed, it became somewhat sad.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ CharridermanHe cut his hair in various countries. I respect the people of hairdressers and hairdressers who skillfully prepare their hair with scissors and clippers. During the trip I was indebted to such a place.

◆ Mostly buddies

During the trip I often found that I was a shy. After the shower, wipe it off with a towel. It was the best as it dries quickly. Depending on the location, you have to take a water shower like a waterfall so it is more helpful to have a shorter hair. It's easy to wash your hair with a camp if you are a buddy. It is enough if there is one extra liter of water.

If it is an unsanitary body, the risk of distraction is increased as the attention becomes distracted. Without thinking about fashion, I just rolled my head all the while.

◆ Haircutting around the world
Between a total of 3869 days from 12/25, 2005, July 29, 2016 as a period of a round of the bicycle world36 timesI was having a haircut. Breakdown of 5 times in Japan and 31 times overseas. Australia has been holding his hair seven times because of his long stay.

Data was attached with spreadsheet software. There was also omission, but I was also taking pictures. The journal remains from the departure until about 2011. To summarize such records, I was cutting my hair like this. I omit Japan.

·First time
Date and time: 2006/02/07
Location: Sydney, Australia
Price: 10 AUD (approx. 800 yen)

As the journey comes close I feel like I'm going overseas if I cut my hair anyway. The first time I went abroad Australia also haircut at the barber shop next day.

· Second to seventh
Date and time: 2006 to 2007
Location: All over Australia

I went around Australia with my visa for working holiday. Because I stayed in the inn that Japanese people gather, I got my hair cut by a hairdresser who I got along with and a clipper who had clippers.

· Eighth time
Date and time: 2007/09/28
Location: Dili in East Timor
Price: 2USD (about 230 yen)

Australia was also about to leave so much hair had been growing pretty, but in Southeast Asia the price was also cheap and interesting so I took the opportunity. East Timor in the second nation that came then. The world changed from a developed country to a developing country, I was puzzled, but gradually I got used to it, so I could do a haircut properly. Enter a shop like that, point to the person who is cutting the crown in the pasted poster. Afterwards gestures. Not only did we cut it round, it also made up to the neckline and around the ears. It's a hot and hot country, so I will come back to life as soon as possible.

· Ninth time
Date and time: December 28, 2007
Location: Surat Thani, Thailand
Price: 60 THB (about 200 yen)

About 3 months since last time. Haircut to greet New Year with new feelings.

Before the haircut

After haircut

· Tenth
Date and time: 2008/03/13
Place: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Price: 6500 KHR (about 165 yen)

It looks like this before a haircut. Although there is no photograph after the haircut, there was a statement in the diary that "It became a Cambodian-like hairstyle."

· Fourteenth time
Date and time: 2009/05/12
Location: Busan, Korea
Price: 6000 KRW (about 490 yen)

Korea who ran with Iki, Tsushima and became abroad for the first time in about a year also has a haircut on the fourth day of entry on arrival as in Australia. It was a shop like a 1000 yen cut which is also in Japan.

The appearance of the shop

After haircut

· 15th time
Date and time: 2009/08/07
Location: Xining, China
Price: 8RMB (about 115 yen)

I have been haircut in Korea and have been growing up to three months, so I cut my hair even in China. Although I was going to have a barbershop like a common people because I make it a shabby, my feet will stop in a fashionable hairdresser. When we entered into prison and listened to the price, it was cheaply "8 yuan (about 115 yen)" and it seemed interesting so we asked for it here. Because I could not make myself written on paper as "Shobo", it was "short hair". I was struck by the serious look of a female hairdresser who cut the scissors. Here is a washing-off. Still it was truly 8 yuan, I realized the cheapness of the price of China again.


After haircut

· 16th time
Date: Jan 13 th 2010
Location: Yerevan of Armenia
Price: 1500 AMD (about 590 yen)

I wrote in my diary "Armenian cut". Sideburns are also ridiculous. I became a hairstyle with a young man walking in the city and was laughing a bit smiley.

· 17th time
Date: 2010/03/10
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Price: 10 TRY (about 625 yen)

· 18th time
Date and time: 2010/06/15
Location: Cruj-Napoca, Romania
Price: 33 RON (about 925 yen)

I could not make myself understood at all, but I got a cheerful fat father to cut my hair. To the refreshing and radiant feeling.

· 19th time
Date and time: January 15, 2011
Location: Meknes of Morocco
Price: 20 MAD (about 200 yen)

After having a haircut in Romania, I headed north to the northernmost tip of Europe, and then entered into Africa and south to Morocco, but it was cold even if my hair grew, so I kept it as it was. As a result, to the head with considerable volume. When I entered Morocco it got much warmer so I went for a haircut and made me feel refreshed. It was a shop where the season came in, but the feeling of life calmed down rather than it.

Before the haircut

After haircut

· For the 20th time
Date and time: May 5, 2011
Location: Bamako, Mali
Price: 400 CFA (about 80 yen)

In the trip, the haircut here was the cheapest price. This is after a haircut.

A list of hairstyles for black people

· 21st time
Date and time: August 20, 2011
Location: Yaounde of Cameroon
Price: 500 CFA (about 100 yen)

There is a memory that my hair was cut at a place like an excavated hut.

· 22nd time
Date and time: 11/30/2011
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Price: 2000 RWF (approx. 250 yen)

As I was in a commercial building, I was able to cut my hair with a firm shop. There is a shampoo here. A young woman took charge of it, but I was a little dogmimaga near the distance.

After haircut

· 23rd time
Date and time: March 3, 2012
Location: Chomá of Zambia
Price: 15,000 ZMK (about 240 yen)

How many times I thought about putting out "it hurts!" Here only. Because the hair quality is different from local people, I wanted you to reduce it. Or was it just a bad sharpness ...?

Before the haircut

After haircut

· For the 25th time
Date and time: Nov 8, 2012
Location: Salt Lake City, USA
Price: 6 + 2 USD (approx. 800 yen)

I found it when I went out by bicycle, so it was cheap so I visited it later. A nice older brother had a haircut at last.

The appearance of the shop

After haircut

· 26th time
Date & Time: 2013/03/13
Location: Chetumal, Mexico
Price: 40 MXN (approx. 300 yen)

After haircut

· 27th time
Re: 2013/07/06
Location: Cuenca, Ecuador
Price: 2USD (approx. 200 yen)

After haircut

· 28 th time
Date: 2013/10/14
Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Price: 12 BOB (about 175 yen)

After haircut

· For the 29th time
Date: 2014/03/26
Location: Encarnacion of Paraguay
Price: 25,000 PYG (about 570 yen)

After haircut

· Thirtieth time
Re: 2014/06/11
Location: Sousse, Tunisia
Price: 5 TND (about 315 yen)

After Tunisia I plan to run England from Italy and I cut my hair before entering Europe with high price. When I tried to return home with a high price, there was an invitation "If it's a general price", a delicate place where I had troubled and compromised finding another place.

After haircut

· 31st time
Date and time: 2014/09/27
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Price: 80 THB (about 270 yen)
I dropped in Thailand after doing the third trip (American continental longitudinal, European longitudinal). After this I planned to return to Japan temporarily, so I cut my hair in a country with a low price.

· For the 32nd time
Re: 2015/03/05
Location: ACRA Rai putt in Sri Lanka
Price: 120 LKR (about 111 yen)

From the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, I was in Jordan. In the Middle East which imagines the desert and arid zone, it is unexpectedly cold in winter. Therefore, I did not mind even growing hair. But it is sweaty when coming to Sri Lanka in South Asia. Because the shorter one is refreshing, I had my hair cut when I stayed in a rural town. It was a barber shop with local feeling.

Before the haircut

After haircut

· 33rd time
Re: 2015/07/06
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Price: 10 MYR (about 320 yen)

A few days later I was waiting for a flight around the island state of the Pacific Ocean. I did not want to take the time beyond, so I cut my hair in Malaysia where I was taking a break. It was an Indian shop. The interior of the pink shop is with Hindu god Ganesha. I was forecasting prices to be around 500 yen, but it was surprising that the price as much as Thailand was.

Before the haircut

After haircut

· For the 34th time
Date and time: 2015/11/10
Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Price: 60 PHP (about 160 yen)

Because Southeast Asia cuts her hair in various countries, the Philippines also dominates.

Before the haircut

After haircut

· 36th time
Re: 2016/07/20
Location: Yilan, Taiwan
Price: 100 TWD (approx. 340 yen)

It is Taiwan which comes in anything in Japan, but there were also 1000 yen cuts. There was even a ticket vending machine. This is a pretty cheap price setting from the price of Taiwan.

Store sign

The appearance of the shop

Before the haircut

After haircut. My journey ended, so I thought about returning to Japan, so I made a short hair, not a shaved.

It was washed with washing.

◆ Summary
I was cutting my hair once every 3 to 4 months. You can extend it in a cold place, but if you are in a hot place you will want to cut your hair. It is saved because prices are cheap as such a hot country.

"Cutting the hair at the site" tends to be bold, but the important thing is momentum. I will manage somehow if I decide and prepare for it. In that respect, the buddha was comfortable. It usually makes sense to do gestures to haircut hair clippers, saying "all" (English), "tout (French)", "todo (Spanish)" meaning everything. I know that I failed, I will grow again.

I looked back and I got many people from all over the world to have my hair cut. I'm really thankful to you.

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