NASA detects inexplicably strong mysterious X-ray radiation from the far side of the universe

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

NASA'sChandra X-ray observation satelliteWas conducting the observation work for 75 days, it is said that X-rays that are 1000 times brighter than all the light quantities of the galaxy are detected from the observation area 10 billion light-years away from the earth and disappear after several hours It is reported that a mysterious phenomenon occurred.

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The Chandra X-ray Observation Satellite (Chandra) is shooting an area 9 billion light years to 12 billion light years away from the earth, its image is "Chandra Deep Field-South(CDF - S) "is called. Chandra was conducting the observation work for 75 days as part of CDF - S shooting, but it detected unusually strong powerful X - rays from the small galaxy 10 billion light ahead from Earth. Chandra is observing the same point in 2014, but at that time a similar light source has not been confirmed.

Inexplicable X-ray irradiation, which is 1000 times stronger than a combination of the light intensity of all stars of the source, lasted for several hours, but it was said that after one day it was so small that it could not be detected by Chandra's performance. Although researchers are trying to elucidate this phenomenon, it seems that phenomena similar to past phenomenon have never been detected. Professor Franz Bauer of the Catholic University of Chile, one of the researchers, says, "It is as if I had a jigsaw puzzle with just enough pieces."

As an explanatory hypothesis, a huge star collides with a black hole, orNeutron starIt is caused by collision of dense stars called "Gamma ray burst"There is a possibility of X-rays that occurred as the afterglow of the phenomenon called" phenomenon ".

However, most of X rays detected as a gamma ray burst remainder are 100 times more intense than X rays detected this time. Although it may be possible that it arrived from a place far away from imagination whether it was the weakest in the history of observation, it has not yet reached a complete interpretation of the cause. Another astronomer has pointed out that the star resembles a phenomenon that occurs when the black hole is quadrupled, but in this case it seems that X - rays with a spectrum different from this one should be detected.

In other words, a strange phenomenon that the cosmic phenomenon observed so far does not coincide is observed, Professor Bauer also said, "Unfortunately, there is no definitive proof for explanation." To clarify the cause of this phenomenon, we have to observe the same kind of phenomena at the moment so far.

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