"WebVR" contents that Google can easily experience VR with Simple VR headset for smartphone released only by clicking web page

Google believes that "VR is too complicated" as an obstacle to the spread of VR (virtual reality). So, Google is a platform that connects the Web and VR so that anyone can enjoy VR easily and easilyWebVR"To make it correspond to Chrome, and published multiple VR contents. With WebVR, developers can easily create and publish VR content, and users can enjoy many VR contents with a simple VR headset for smartphones.

Come play with WebVR Experiments

◆ What is WebVR?
What can be understood as "WebVR" designed to make VR easy to serve anyone, you can understand with one shot the following movie.

WebVR Experiments: Virtual reality on the web for everyone - YouTube

VR is a technology with great potential to provide a new computing experience.

VR is not only a game but also a virtual experience of traveling, the scope of utilization is VR, "Google thinks that VR should be content that everyone can reach".

However, the current VR is too complicated.

VR content developers need to newly learn VR only computer language ......

It is necessary to test with a variety of VR headsets, and the burden on developers is too great.

VR content should be easy to make and easy to share.

It is easy to create and easily share "Web"

In other words, if you include VR function in the Web, it is ok.

Thus was born "WebVR".

How to use WebVR is extremely easy. Launch the Google Chrome app on your smartphone.

Just tap the WebVR content link.

The screen is divided into right and left and it is in VR mode.

laterCardboardIf you set your smartphone to etc, you can enjoy VR content.

The developer can simply insert the code for WebVR in JavaScript.

WebVR not only combines simple VR headset + smartphone ......

Combination of authentic VR headset + PC etc such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is also OK.

Already, WebVR content is "Webvrexperiments.comSo everyone can experience the world of WebVR soon.

Since the WebVR code is published on GitHub ......

Developers can read the code, understand VR content, and make improvements yourself.

Of course, you can also publish WebVR content you created for sharing with people all over the world.

◆ WebVR content
WebVR content isWebvrexperiments.comIt is open to the public. In addition, games etc. published as WebVR contents can be enjoyed in Chrome even when there is no VR headset. It is possible enough to understand what kind of VR content it is without any VR headset.

Ping-pong game. Online competition is also possible.

·Speak To Go
An application that allows you to travel around the world with voice input.

·Sonic Umbrella
An application that various things fall from the sky.

A game that cooperates with people outside the VR to search for bots.

·Mr Nom Nom
A game that catches enemies with donuts.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive's support for WebVR content will start soon. With WebVR compatible with Chrome, VR content seems to be more familiar.

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