Artificial intelligence victory again in the "AI vs. human" poker showdown, 30 days fighting against the 6 people against the 5-day fight


In January 2017We had a confrontation with four professional poker playersArtificial intelligence battled against six Chinese professional poker players this time and got a complete victory and got a prize of 290,000 dollars (about 31.5 million yen).

Carnegie Mellon AI Beats Chinese Poker Players | Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

AI wins $ 290,000 in Chinese poker competition - BBC News

AI "Lengpudashi" developed by Professor Zuomas Sandholm of Carnegie Mellon University and student Norm Brown at the convention held on Hainan Island in the southern part of China from April 6 to 10, 2017 (Chinese name " "Cold? Large?": Cold Poker Master) has won over five days against six professional poker players, and has won a complete victory of raising a white star to everyone.

In this confrontation, "Team Dragon" led by amateur poker player Yue Du who has controlled the world competition has fought against AI. Team Dragon has a computer engineer as an advisor, and analyzed the strategy that AI might take, analyzing the strategy, but the game resulted in literal complete defeat. The confrontation which reached 36,000 in all is a game with AI acquiring 792,327 dollars (about 86 million yen) with pseudo chip.


With this victory, Carnegie Mellon University team is given a prize of 290,000 dollars (about 31.5 million yen) and will be used to fund the startup "Strategic Machine" launched by both of them.

Unlike chess or go, poker does not show the situation of all players in the fieldIncomplete Information GameIt is a type of game that is classified into strategy and "cheating". It has been thought that "cheating" is a very human act, but it seems to have been said that this idea was denied by AI being a human poker player twice. Mr. Brown of the victory team says, "Computers learn from experiences that their hands are weak, can trick their opponents and earn more chips."

In May 2017, the confrontation will be carried out by AI 'AlphaGo (Alpha Go)' of the world's strongest shogi player and Google 'Deep Mind' umbrella. Attention is gathered in the situation where human beings will not match AI when the era will come.

Google's' AlphaGo 'and the world's strongest players' championship game in China will be held in May - GIGAZINE

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