I tried to eat "refreshing ginger ale taste (dry)" that says "Ice is desolate!"

Lotte'sRefreshingSpontaneous "Ice is desolate!?" That added pungent ingredients derived from ginger from "Refreshing ginger ale taste (dry)"Has appeared. It is said that it is an ice that you can enjoy the taste of adults with a scent of ginger, but I tried to check to see that it was really dry ice cream.

Lotte 'refreshing ginger ale taste' (dry) 'released on April 10, 2017 (Monday) nationwide

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That's why I bought "Refreshing Ginger Ale Taste (Dry)" at once.

Ginger ale is drawn in the package, it is a package of unique color like intermediate between brown and gold.

Types of ice creamIs classified as "Frozen Dessert". Ingredients are sugar, syrup, ramune confection, isomerized liquid sugar, vegetable fat and oil, ginger extract / acidulant, stabilizer, emulsifier, caramel color, perfume. The content is 190ml.

That's why I just caught a lid. A light brown ice with a slightly ginger ale color will appear.

I tried inserting a spoon immediately after taking it out of the freezer, but a spoon and a spoon went into the ice cream.

Ice seems to be a refreshing series and has a sharp texture containing plenty of fine ice. The sweetness which imagined ginger ale and the scent of ginger, and the shaky texture of fine ice are compatible, and it has become less ice cream of refreshing as a whole on the whole. However, as the package also says "Dry"Wilkinson GinjayreI thought whether I could enjoy the punchy dry flavor like, but never felt pungent originating from ginger no matter how much I ate.

Even if you look at the cross section of ice, you can see that plenty of fine ice is included.

Ramune is included in the ice cream, and this ramune has a taste like condensed sweetness and aroma of ginger ale, so ginger ale feeling increases considerably when entering into mouth.

Since the ice was quick to melt, the last one was ice cream like the middle between liquid and solid.

"A refreshing ginger ale taste (dry)" is released on April 10, 2017 (Monday), the suggested retail price is 130 yen without tax.

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