Tom Cruise starring, masterpiece mummy movie reboot version "The Mummy" latest trailer video released

A reboot work of a mummy movie in which Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe perform their first collaboration "The MummyThe second trailer video of 'The trailer was released.Vol.1It is a glimpse of a part of the discovery of the mummy that was not disclosed and the subsequent development.

The Mummy - Official Trailer # 2 [HD] - YouTube

A trailer starting from the angry saying "Get down!" Gunfighting battle is spreading in the cityscape like the Middle East.

The enemy that attacks the opponent escaping with a rifle

Nick, Morton, who will face Tom Cruise who runs away

An explosion to destroy the town has occurred ......

Mortons who are being sucked into the vacant holes on the ground

The place where Morten saw after finishing without falling into the hole ......

Ancient ruins buried in the ground how

Investigation of the found ruins will be started

Annabel Wallis playing Jenny Hozy is one of Morton's fellows

Begin a survey of huge remains as well as fellow Sergeant Beale

A line that descends with a rope through a hole of likely ruins several hundred meters deep

When you reach the bottom of the hole, remove the equipment ... ...

Start survey globally

Beyond the destroyed wall ... ...

There were numerous statues, ancient graves hidden

Morten took a handgun, shoot a rope and cut

Then a coffin appears from inside the fountain

This coffin belongs to "Princess Armandet", which was supposed to be the next queen of Egypt. After that, Armannet, which is Sophia · Butler, brings disaster to the world.

A naked woman who walks across the room like the king's bedding

Put a blade on the king's neck ... ...

Returning Armornet in the Blood

But Armanet is caught ... ...

The whole body is wrapped with a white cloth and you will be punished for being buried alive in the deep graveyard of the sand alive

In that case, a coffin was given an eerie sculpture. After that, Armanet doubled the opposition and waited for the time of the resurrection.

Morton has transported the raised coffin on an airplane

Then, that plane ......

The hordes of bad birds like bats are attacking

An airplane crashing into a large number of birds is destroyed and an engine that burns fire.

An airplane crashing. The situation of desperate situation no longer.

Morton makes Parushute wear a Hallowie, and throws it out in the air and helps

However, I crashed and died while riding on an airplane crashing

The room where the body of the accident is rested

Suddenly one resting bag started moving ......

Morten, who was supposed to have died, got up.

Dr. Henry Jekyll who plays Russell Crowe appeared.

"You were revived, it was you" chosen "body"

"Who" chose me "?"

"Evil" has chosen you. "

Morton escapes from terrible creatures. But it is blocked from going.

What Morten saw attacked by a large group of mice ... ...

The appearance of the evil mummy

Armor net excavated from the grave resurrected as a mummy

Human beings capture the resurrected armanet

But the captured Armanet opened the secret power with four pupils

I will try to hold down the escaping Armandet ... ...

Armor net escape

And the mummy's counterattack begins

Human beings who are attacked one after the other

In the streets of London that was peaceful ......

Armor net attacked

People who run away, Morton and Holdy witnessing Armannet

"She's our world ..."

"I will continue breaking it until I make it my own"

Flight with HOUGZY, saying "Do not leave me" Moulton

It's HOUZI who answers "Do not leave me", but behind that ... ...

A smiley appearance of Armarette

Holdies drawn into the water

What Moulton saw desperately after that ... ...

The appearance of several mummies following up in the water

"You can not run away"

"There is a certain" plan "for her"

Armalet holding down the moulton

What is the relationship between Moulton and Armarette ......

The movie "The Mummy" will be released in the United States on June 9, 2017. Publishing in Japan is undecided.

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