The revolutionary movie "The Mummy" premiered co-starred by Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe original Hamnaputora trailer released

A movie released in 1932Mummy play(The Mummy) "rebooted movie"The MummyThe trailer of "Hello! "Mummy ghost(1959) ""Hamnaputra / the city of the lost desert(1999) "followed by the third reboot work" The Mummy ", Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Sophia Butera are appearing.

The Mummy - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube

One plane dancing in the sky.

There are passengers who are robust soldiers on board.

Before women who wear glasses looks at ... ...

There is Nick Morton played by Tom Cruise.

A huge oyster pulled up by a helicopter.

Who is in this hire?

The raised shepherd is on an airplane on which Morton and others are aboard.

Fluttering and shaking inside the plane. The man seems uneasy and overlooks the cabin.

Morton showing the expression that sensed the danger.

The captain's room to be confused.

What Morton saw when he came to the captain's room ......

The black hordes approaching.

The identity of the black horde is a bat, penetrating through the window of the plane and invading.

The airplane becomes uncontrollable, and the inside of the plane is turned upside down.

The engine blew up because of a large bat charge.

Morten to have a woman wear a parachute in a tremendous shock and panic.

The next moment the door blew off.

An airplane crashing downright.

Morten rescued women while licking ... ...

I desperately endure being supposed to be skipped even now.

The next moment the woman murmured as "no good ... ..." ...

Morten pulled a parachute string that she had attached to the woman.

A woman whose parachute opens and is thrown out.

The woman managed to escape, but the plane is unlikely to help.

Morten screaming "No !!".

The airplane crashed even without heartlessness.

The place which was subsequently displayed is a place like a resting place where bodies are lined up.

One of the bodies that were lined up suddenly rises.

It seems Morten was not dead. What on earth happened to him?


"To the world of new gods and monsters"

The eyeball divided into two is the Queen of Ahmmann that Sofia · Bittera plays.

"I saw it"

"She is real"

The showy action of Tom Cruise is still alive at The Mummy.

It is Dr. Henry Jekyll, acted by Russell Crowe, to tell "Please see Ahmannet Queen."

When Queen Ahmannet closes his eyes and spreads his hands, the building breaks shattered.

Big ben collapsing.

"She will regain its denied things"

The movie "The Mummy" will be released on June 9, 2017 in the USA. The date of publication in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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