Comparing the 2017 F ​​1 machine cornering G force against 2016, did the machine get faster?

Regarding the regulations of 2017, revision of the vehicle regulations was aimed at "to raise the lap time by 5 seconds per lap", as strict opinion was often seen that "F1 has lost power". A comparison of the running of the 2017 machine that the exercise performance increased significantly due to a change in aerodynamic parts that creates a downforce that pushes the machine against the road and the tire width, etc., compared with the data of the 2016 machine running the same course It is open to the public.

F1 2017 v 2016: G-Force Comparison - YouTube

The comparison used this time is the run that Mr. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 team showed in Australia that started on March 24th (Friday). We use last year's data we drove on the same team's machine and compare the amount of force of G force in the main corner by numerical value.

Run through the home straight and hard braking toward turn 1 (1 corner). The deceleration G taken at this time ...

How awesome6.3 G. It is much higher than the 4.6 G in 2016. The maximum G that a general passenger car makes with braking is finally said to be 1 G, but the F1 machine in 2017 will have braking power more than six times that, in fact it will run F1 machine It is no wonder that the general driver who experienced "hit the wall" thought.

In the following turn 3, the deceleration G is 5.1 G. This is the same figure as last year.

And in the next right corner · turn 4 ... ...

Record 5.2 G side force. Even at G-Force born with pure cornering, the 2017 machine seems to be outperforming last year's machine.

In turn 6, it is 3.2 G which is 0.2 points higher than last year.

In turn 11, which is the fastest corner of the course, we recorded 6.5 G at the cornering force. Downforce has also increased with the speed riding on the machine, which is said to have increased the cornering speed by 30 km / h compared with last year.

And the last corner closing round. 4.0G cornering force has occurred when clearing the right right corner that leads to the home straight at almost full throttle opening.

In this way, you can see that the 2017 machine is generating a larger G force than the 2016 machine on both the braking and cornering in almost the entire course. By the way, the top time in the preliminary round is 1 minute 23 seconds 837 of Luis Hamilton (Mercedes) in 2016, 1 minute 22 seconds 188 which Luis Hamilton (Mercedes) also marked in 2017, 1 hour 649 time Has been shortened.

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