"AI and quantum computers accelerate discovery of new materials," IBM experts say

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Artificial intelligence with remarkable progress in recent years (AI) Exceeds human abilitySingularityIn the present age where it is thought that it is not so far (technical singular point) to visit, AI and development are also being advancedQuantum computerBy using Research, the Deputy Director of IBM Research says that human beings will discover new substances at a more pace than ever.

AI, Quantum Computing Will Accelerate Materials Discovery - MIT Technology Review

Event of MIT that began in San Francisco on March 27, 2017EmTech Digital 2017He is vice president at IBM Research's Science and Solutions divisionDario GillI will tell you about the future that AI and quantum computer will be realized by Mr. Pacific.

In the future, Mr. Gill said that the time will come when machine-learning software running on notebook PCs will complete the process of organizing knowledge across a vast field in just a few seconds in every academic research paper in several weeks to months I am talking. And by using algorithms and simulations that make use of this knowledge, we can extract a series of actions that require a very long time for human beings to extract insight (insight) in a short time from the information written in patent technology and thesis by AI and I will tell you the prospect that it will be possible to take over with the quantum computer.

ByIBM Research

Mr. Gill said that he avoided explicitly about the timing when this future will come, but at the same time IBM revealed that he is progressing with the effort to discover new materials using its company's artificial intelligence "Watson (Watson)" Did. However, even with the use of the fastest supercomputer in the current world, it takes a very long time for the process of calculating the identity of a new substance by conducting a molecular level simulation or the like constituting a substance about. IBM is paying attention to this, it is a quantum computer that is nothing else. It is thought that a quantum computer that operates in a totally different mechanism from a conventional computer can be completed in an instant even with extremely complicated processing and is expected to be the next breakthrough in computers.

ByIBM Research

IBM believes that utilizing AI's machine learning and high processing capability by realizing quantum computer and thinking that it can lead to the discovery of new substances by simulating the world of extremely complicated quantum physics about. IBM has already announced that it will provide a cloud service using quantum computer called "IBM Q" for enterprises in 2017 and it seems that it is not so distant future that these technologies begin to get on track is. Gil said about these efforts, "We hope to see drastic changes in the power of quantum computers in this or next year."

IBM announces commercial service "IBM Q" that can access quantum computers through the cloud - GIGAZINE

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