Taco Bell's "Cheese Core Burrito" wrapped around the cheese in the middle is enough heavy system for dinner

I found out that "Cheese Core Burrito" was added as a new product from when the coincidence took place in front of the Taco Bell store where his feet were a little far away. I just stopped by after a long absence because I was hungry at dinner, but this "Cheese Core Burrito" was a dish that came just Zushiri filling my stomach.

Taco Bell Japan (Taco Bell Japan) - Live Mas

A taco bell characterized by a purple bell mark. A cheese core burrito with its panel next to it is written as "NEW!" But the release date is February 16, 2017. It is a limited-time product until May 24th.

Price is 590 yen for single item, 820 yen for combo with side menu and drink, 890 yen for BIG BOX with beef crunch octopus added to combo 990 yen.

As "CHEESY CORE", the letter "CC" in the package.

I tried to bump quickly, but about a third of burrito was just like folding tortilla. Coupled with rice, very elastic texture.

As I thought it was strange to eat a little more, cheese melts from the wrapped part of that tortilla. I have been stopping a bit at the end, but because the core contains cheese, it is "cheese core burrito".

Three-tiered attack called rich cheese, tortilla and rice, I just ate a burrito, but my stomach turned into a bun.

The meat to wrap can be chosen from taco meat, pork, grilled chicken, but chicken was a bit lumpy and somewhat smoother and when I ate it was more impressive to get stuck in my stomach, so it is safe to put on taco meat in orthodox Maybe

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