Pepper is working well Kentucky "coarse ground black pepper chicken" Tasting review

We delivered the "coarse ground black pepper chicken" of Kentucky Fried Chicken which was released from Wednesday, December 26 (Wednesday) today and delivered it in Kentucky. I ordered 5 pieces, but since it did not reach 1500 yen which can be delivered, it bought "Juicy Mench's Nansand" which was newly released from today as well in the sub menu. It is becoming an irresistible chicken to like pepper.

Review from below.
Coarse ground black pepper chicken KFC original menu Product information

About 30 minutes after calling, two boxes arrived.

Chicken was on one side and Nansand was in the other side.

I got them all.

I ran away from Nansand's Nan.

Not only meat cutlet of meat but also vegetables are securely included.

The main coarse ground black pepper chicken.

When I ate chicken at this time I definitely ate the other dayFamilyMart's Mega Fried ChickenI will compare it. Volume comparison is impossible, because the price is 220 yen for black pepper chicken and 390 yen for mega fried chicken, but black pepper chicken is seasoned considerably in clothing. Black pepper is working well, and the lips tingily irritate after eating. The chicken had a juicy part and a bit passionate part. In total we want to press Family Mart which can taste chicken firmly with light seasoning, but Kentucky is quite nice in consideration of cost performance.

Nansando is very delicious with cabbage which is crowded with a chewy Nan and crispy mench. This seems to be more satisfactory if you eat a little hamburger.

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