The Hubble Space Telescope discovers that a huge black hole with a weight of 1 billion times the sun is traveling at a speed of 2000 kilometers per second, and why?

Hubble Space TelescopeBut in the universe 8 billion light-years away from the earth, I discovered that a huge black hole in the center of the galaxy is moving at a high speed of 2000 kilometers per second. Space scientists are finding out why this huge black hole is traveling at an unusual rate.

Gravitational Wave Kicks Monster Black Hole Out of Galactic Core | NASA

The mystery as to why the huge black hole "3C 186" caught by the Hubble Space Telescope is moving at high speed can be understood by looking at the following movie.

Hubble Detects a Rogue Supermassive Black Hole - YouTube

Light that shines violently at 8 billion light-years away from Earth.

This is not a star but "quasarIt was named "3C 186" in a celestial body called "3C 186".

The shining quasars are wrapped in hot gas, with a huge black hole in the center, which constitutes the galaxy following the stars around.

It is a quasar that should be in the center of the galaxy, but if you look closely you can see that 3C 186 is out of the center of the galaxy (green circle).

It was measured to be located 35,000 light years away from the center of the galaxy surrounded by the dashed line.

And 3C 186 moving from the center of the galaxy turned out to be traveling at a tremendous speed of 2000 kilometers per second (720 million meters per second).

For comparison, the speed of the sun moving in the galaxy is 24 kilometers per second. We can understand its abnormality from the fact that 3C 186, which weighs more than 1 billion times more than the sun, is traveling at nearly 100 times the speed of the sun.

Regarding 3 C 186 showing this abnormal movement,Space Telescope Science InstituteDr. Marco · Chiabege et al. Have revealed the most persuasive hypothesis.

If you look closely at 3C 186 and its galaxy ... ...

You can see another galaxy-like object in the part surrounded by the red dashed line.

Dr. Kiabeze's hypothesis is that two huge black holes with galaxies each collided and coalesced.

When two black holes of enormous mass approaches, they lose energy while releasing gravitational waves from each other, and the distance shrinks more and more.

Gravity waves are released into outer space as distance gets closer and closer to rotate. It's like a sprinkler that radiates water while rotating from the lawn.

Gravity waves are emitted in three dimensions to outer space like a ripple that occurs when huge rocks fall into the water.

Finally, huge black holes collided with each other.

It is estimated that the energy generated when two huge black holes collide and merge is one hundred times as much as the supernova explosion.

By the reaction of the gravitational wave generated when the black holes collide and fuse each other, the newly created black hole is moving so as to be blown away in one direction.

As for the appearance that the huge black hole caught by the Hubble Space Telescope moves at tremendous speed this time, it is said that the paper will be published in astronomy magazine on March 30, 2017. Collisions between huge black holes that occurred at a distance of 8 billion light-years apart have occurred about 8 billion years ago and became an astronomical show where you can experience the magnificence of the universe where events before the birth of the earth can be observed It is.

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