It turned out that the private jet was involved in the turbulence of the super giant "A380" and was torn five times in the air

ByLiam McManus

A small business jet of about 20 passengers and passengers who were flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters was caught in the turbulence created by the world's largest passenger aircraft, the A380 aircraft, losing control and falling into a situation of crash It turned out that it was. Although business jets have rotated (rolling) up to 5 times in the air and they dropped altitude 3000 meters at a stroke, miraculously regained control and landed safely, but several injured people It is occurring.

Accident: Emirates A 388 over Arabian Sea on Jan 7th 2017, wake turbulence sent business jet in uncontrolled descent

Jet caught in the wake of a superjumbo nearly crashes | Daily Mail Online

This accident was involved in the airline company of Munich, GermanyMHS AviationBombardier (former Canadian) 's "Challenger 600It is a type machine. It is a long-selling machine whose production continues from 1978 to the present, and it is widely used as a business jet all over the world. What actually caught up in a somersault situation is the airframe of the aircraft symbol "D - AMSC" shown in the picture below.

ByMark Murdock

The accident occurred on January 7, 2017. Emirates Airlines EK - 412 (A 380 type), which had been flighting from Dubai to Sydney, cruised offshore of 1170 km south east of Oman 's capital Muscat at an altitude of 35,000 feet (about 16,600 meters) I confirmed MHV-604 MHV-604 (Challenger 604 aircraft) whose aircraft's pilot flying 1000 feet (about 300 meters) downward in the opposite direction. As it was, the two missed while maintaining the altitude difference of 300 meters, but just after that the business jet became disarrayed great posture.

Illustrated below is a picture. The Challenger 604 type which passed the A380 aircraft at an altitude difference of 1000 feet (about 300 m) was caught in a strong turbulence caused by the wings of the A380 aircraft, and lost stability of the aircraft after 1 or 2 minutes. The power was enough to turn the aircraft completely inside out, and the Challenger 604 aircraft fell into a rolling state for at least three times, perhaps five times. In the illustration below, the state that the nose is raised to be in a state like "back space" is drawn, but in the accident report, the rotation in the "roll" direction rotating around the longitudinal axis of the aircraft occurs Even from the description that it was said to have been,Barrel rollIt seems that it was doing a movement close to.

Also at this time, the aircraft has lost great altitude and has fallen by 10,000 feet (about 3000 meters) at a stroke. But then, miraculously the aircraft's control recovered and I was able to return to normal flight. The captain immediately declared an emergency situation, diverted to the nearest Muscat international airport and carried out an emergency landing. Several passengers were brought to the hospital, one of whom was seriously injured. Also, it seems that the aircraft also required damage that required repair.

Turbulence generated by airplane wingsAft turbulenceIt is a phenomenon that occurs when a strong downward flow (downstream) of air and an upward flow are vortexed. This turbulence becomes stronger as the aircraft becomes larger, and it is stipulated that after the aircraft like the A380 aircraft takes off the airport, it should be spaced about 5 minutes apart to avoid accidents.

A movie that captured the backward turbulence produced by A380 is Kore. A vortex of air caused by a large wing of as wide as 80 meters wide has occurred, so it changes the shape of the clouds. It is easy to imagine that there are no more challenger 604 aircraft of about 20 people encountered.

Emirates A380 CLOUD CUTTING - YouTube

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