Google 's Artificial Intelligence DeepMind cuts Britain' s electricity cost by 10% without infrastructure improvement

To GoogleAcquired for a huge sum of over 50 billion yenAfter being polished, refine artificial intelligence technology, break the world championship of Go AI "AlphaGo"AI you can learn yourself"DQN"To surprise the world by developing one after another"Deep Mind"Will do the challenge of cutting power production costs by 10% just by optimizing by AI technology without changing existing power infrastructure.

Deep Mind and National Grid in AI talks to balance energy supply

By leveraging machine learning technology, DeepMind has already succeeded in reducing Google's data center power by 15%. With this technology, Google is estimated to reduce hundreds of millions of dollars (tens of billions of yen) over the next few years

Google's artificial intelligence special team DeepMind succeeded in improving the cooling efficiency of the Google data center cooling system by 40% in just a few months - GIGAZINE

DeepMind, which has succeeded in drastically reducing the power cost in Google's internal infrastructure, is trying to extend the use of AI technology to the national infrastructure level. Deep Mind'sDemis HasabisCEO told Financial Times, "DeepMind has begun discussing with National Grid and other electricity supply companies etc. Understand the problems they have and optimize existing systems without adding new infrastructure "It is surprising if we can save 10% of our energy usage by simply doing it, which is a pretty exciting attempt," he said, and made clear that he is trying to utilize DeepMind's technology to cut the UK's electricity cost.

Hasabis CEO mentioned "National Grid(National Grid)Is an energy company that conducts electricity transmission and gas supply to England and Wales in the UK. Originally the state-owned enterprise National Grid owns a huge transmission grid, especially in the central part of England, and it costs a lot if it comes to repairing the grid and transmission system itself. However, DeepMind analyzes the operation status of the system, optimizes the system through machine learning, and reduces the cost of electricity without cost.

In the United Kingdom, we have introduced "energy mix policy", which seeks to incorporate renewable energy generation using wind power and solar power into major power generation systems such as thermal power generation, so in recent years we have decided the ratio of power generation sources and balance It is complicated that the mechanism to take is increasing. Hasabisu CEO thinks that energy can be created efficiently by introducing machine learning technology which can predict the future by finding patterns undetectable by humans.

National Grid said that although the joint project plan with DeepMind is still in its early stages, "The latest technology improves performance, secures the best production method of renewable energy, reduces electricity charges of users It's exciting, "he says, and I'm looking forward to Deep Mind's skills.

Apart from the British-based Deep Mind,An attempt to optimize the smart grid by machine learning in Germany to lower the electricity production costIt is going to be cost-cutting by optimization in the energy infrastructure of the country of the world in the future.

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