Google announces that it can cover 100% renewable energy with electricity used internally

Google, which purchased about 2.6 gigawatts of renewable energy so far, and Google, which became the world's largest renewable energy purchasing company outside the electric power company, expects to use the 100% renewable energy in the company in 2017 It was announced that.

We're set to reach 100% renewable energy - and it's just the beginning

Google purchased renewable energy of 114 megawatts from Iowa's wind farm in 2010 and has promoted investment in renewable energy. Renewable energy purchased by the company as of 2016 has reached approximately 2.6 gigawatts (2,600 megawatts). The following graphs rank companies that purchase a large amount of biomass power generation of wind and solar power generation in the United States, and you can see well that Google is far apart from Amazon, which ranks second from the second place.

According to Google, in 2017 it is expected that the power consumption of its offices and data centers around the world will be covered by 100% renewable energy. Over the past 6 years, wind power generation has reduced by 60% and solar power generation by 80%, and renewable energy is the lowest price electric power option.

Google will continue investing in renewable energy even after achieving 100% renewable energy of power consumption. It is said that wind power generation can not be supplied steadily for 24 hours, and he is planning to invest in other green energy. Google lists the goals of the near future that not only Google but people around the world will be able to use clean energy.

The power of 2.6 gigawatts that Google purchased so far is the power required to send back Marty McFly, the movie "Back to the Future" in the past, to the future "1.21 GW"It is more than twice the number of.

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