Intel acquired 1.8 trillion yen of automaticye for automatic operation, full-scale entry into automatic operation field

Intel is a development company of automatic driving systemMobileye(Mobile Eye)For about $ 15.3 billion (about 1.7 trillion yen). Semiconductor giants will enter full-scale entry into the field of automatic driving cars.

Intel's $ 15 billion purchase of Mobileye shakes up driverless car sector | Reuters

Intel to Buy Mobileye for About $ 15 Billion in Car Tech Push - Bloomberg

Mobileye is a company based in Israel and is a leader in automatic driving car technology which is developing a visual recognition system for automatic driving cars with its own chipset and algorithm. The company's system has already been adopted by automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Volvo, GM and others. By the way Mobileye had partnered with Tesla,Tesla's auto pilot death accidentThe partnership has been resolved in July 2016 as a trigger.

Intel already collaborated with Mobileye to develop a chip for the automatic driving system, but on March 13, 2017 the company's shares were tied to the tender offer of $ 64.54 per share with a premium of 34% Announced that it will be put under umbrella by buying by. The acquisition amounted to 15.3 billion dollars (about 1.7 trillion yen), and Intel is the second largest acquisition next to Altera acquired by $ 16.7 billion (about 1.9 trillion yen) in 2015. Intel plans to purchase the purchase price in cash.

You can see how Intel's CEO Brian Kruzanic talks about the reason for acquiring Mobileye in a video talk with Bloomberg in the following movie.

Why Intel Is Buying Mobileye for About $ 15 Billion - YouTube

According to Kurzanic, the automatic driving car needs a computing technology to combine real-world information with a vision system that gets information from sensors such as LIDAR, etc. By integrating Intel and Mobileye, technology development can be done quickly and cheaply , They can provide platforms available to companies that need automatic driving technology to the market. We also stated the idea that the amount of purchase that made a significant premium on the market price is not too high. Intel and Mobileye have plans to jointly introduce automatic driving cars to the market in collaboration with BMW by 2021, but the integration of Intel and Mobileye seems to work effectively to realize this plan as well.

BMW · Intel · Mobileye announces partnership with the aim of "marketing automatic driving car within 5 years" - GIGAZINE

According to Intel, Mobileye co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Amnon Shashua will lead Intel's automatic operation department, and the base of automatic driving development will be left in Israel. In addition, Intel's senior vice president Doug Davis is to take over the leadership of Mobileye and Intel in general.

Regarding automatic driving technology Investment bank Goldman Sachs will invest $ 36 billion (about 11 trillion yen) in 2025 and 290 billion billion in 2035 in markets that were $ 3 billion (about 344 billion yen) in 2015 As you can clearly predict that the dollar (about) will grow to 33.3 trillion yen, there is a possibility that it could be a huge market that technology companies can not overlook. In addition to Google and Facebook, as well as various IT companies such as Uber and Apple entering,Qualcomm bought NXP Semiconductors, the leader in automotive semiconductors, at $ 47 billion (about 5.4 trillion yen)And while NVIDIA has entered into the automatic operation market, such as offering "NVIDIA Drive PX 2" to Audi and Bosch, Intel of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer also did not enter.

"NVIDIA Drive PX 2" which realizes automatic driving car with the capacity of 150 MacBook Pros with one board - GIGAZINE

Mobileye's automatic operation system chip manufacturing has been accepted by STMicroelectronics so far, but Intel will manufacture it in the future. Mobileye, based in Israel, will continue to supply automotive systems for automobiles to major automakers even after the acquisition by Intel, receiving development backed by Intel speeds the development of semiconductor chips and cloud technologies, It may lead to lower cost of automatic operation system. With the acquisition of Mobileye by semiconductor giant Intel, the day of practical use of automatic driving car will be getting closer.

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