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Interview platform for technical work "", You can practice interviewing engineers anonymously and you can actually interview technicians from large IT companies such as Uber, Twitch, Lyft. Mr. Alain Learner, founder of, analyzed the data of exercises and actual technician interviews actually received by 3,000 users of and blogged on what trends they had It is summarized.

Lessons from 3,000 technical interviews ... or how what you do after graduation matters way more than where you went to school - blog

When interviewers and technicians match on the platform, they will do a technical interview in a coding environment with voice / text chatting / whiteboard. In many cases the question is asked about the role as backend software engineer, and the interviewer said that there are many large companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber and startups specialized for engineers.

After technical interview on, the interviewer is a feet back page with multiple items including technical ability, each item is evaluated with 1, the lowest 4, the highest 4 stars of each item. According to Mr. Learner, those who received an evaluation of 3 or more in the overall evaluation tend to have the ability to proceed to the next stage. The following is actually a feet back page.

From this feedback, Mr. Lerner analyzed what the interviewer emphasizes, by cross-referencing the following five attributes with the evaluation of the interviewed technician.

· Admission experience of top-level computer science college
· Experience working in a leading company
· "Udacity"Coursera(Cosella) "experience
· Experience of starting up startup
·master's degree
·Length of service

As a result of the analysis, the interviewer's emphasis was concentrated on three of the online learning courses "Udacity, experience of taking Kosera," "experience working at a top company," and "leading university graduates", especially online It seems that attention has been drawn to whether or not you have received Udacity, Kosera, famous for technical course.

◆ Experience of leading universities and leading companies
Mr. LearnerArticle summarizing his experience as interviewerHe said that the experience of first-class companies was "to be selected as a successful company in the industry" to be a guiding principle for choosing outstanding people, but I had the opinion that "educational background is irrelevant" It was. In fact, the interviewer gave a high evaluation to the top university graduates, but Mr. Learner is supposed to be influenced by the remote interview.

At the top-level university in computer science, there is a culture that takes rigorous algorithmic lessons and conducts technical testing across the screen just like a remote interview. For that reason, it is said that graduates of first-rate universities are highly evaluated with an algorithmic remote interview.

◆ Udacity, experience of taking Kosera
Online lecture that anyone can take free courses via the Internet, such as Udacity or Koella "MOOCMany interviewers gave high praise to those with experience in attending the course. Mr. Learner focusing on this trend classified the experienced MOOC participants into first-class university graduates and others, but for those who attended the prestigious university, MOOC's experience of attending did not affect the evaluation. Meanwhile, for those other than the top university, not only was the experience of MOOC attendance greatly influenced, but also that there was a tendency that evaluation is much better than those who just graduated from the top university.

◆ Founder's status
Being a founder does not have a positive impact on engineers' interview, indicating that an excellent founder is not equal to an excellent engineer. Meanwhile, as the number of years as founder is longer, the interview skill tends to fall, and although it has work experience as a technician, it also applies to those who have not received an interview for a while.

Master's degree and years of service
Master 's degree and length of years of service were both items which had no influence in technical interview. Even when Mr. Learner was an interviewer, he said he did not place importance on the master's degree, and this is the same for the interviewers who use With respect to years of service, the average length of service in the technical industry of users of is 5 years, the most common is 2 years and 10 years. The graph below shows the years of service and interview evaluation points, but we can see that the evaluation is sparse regardless of the length of years of service.

Although it is a tendency of a unique platform called, those who aim for the technical industry may lead to good evaluation when considering taking MOOC.

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