Seven countries where university tuition fees are cheap and receive high level education


Educational expenses required from elementary school in Japan to college graduationAccording to a survey by the Cabinet Office, estimates of 5.28 million yenAlthough it is, the university's tuition fee is about 500,000 yen annually at the National and about 800,000 yen at the private level and it can not be said that it is cheap at all.

On the contrary,Promote free education of higher education in Germany and France, And tuition fee at the university is extremely cheap at several ten thousand yen level if it is a national university. Although it is a tuition fee of a university that varies greatly depending on the country, what kind of place would be the country where tuition fees are cheap and a high education level can be expected?

Details are as below.7 Countries Where Graduate School Is a Fraction of US Costs

◆ Spain

University of BarcelonaIt's a bit unbelievable reasonable that you can attend university at about $ 2000 per year (about 170,000 yen). As a rank,Ibero AmericaIn the university that exists in the best 3, in SpainUniversity of MadridAlthough it does not, it seems that the difference is not greatly separated. From the humanities and faculties of the Faculty of Arts and Literature, Faculty of Geography and History, Faculty of Law, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences is a historical university founded in 1450 with medical department, pharmacy department, physics department, chemistry department, etc. is.

◆ France

Speaking of French higher education school, if you are familiar with French literature etc, you may have been longing for once. Among the universities in the world, we have a top 28 names,Jean-Paul Sartre,Michelle Foucault,Romain Roland,André VeilTuition fee required for studying at a prestigious university that produced distinguished scholars is 190 euros a year (about 23,000 yen) if it is a graduate school for international students from abroad.

◆ Sweden

Uppsala UniversitySo graduate school tuition is free. Established in 1477, it is the oldest university in Northern Europe and it is also a prestigious place to produce a number of Nobel Prize winners. Unlike other Swedish universities, Uppsala University offers entrance related materials in English and is widely recruiting students from the world.

◆ Germany

In Germany, tuition fees of 100 euros (about 12,000 yen) to 500 euros (about 60,000 yen) are annual for many high ranked universities. Of course there are many universities that require German skills,Free University of BerlinIt is possible to acquire units in English.

◆ Singapore

In Singapore where Asian students gather for cheap tuition and high-level education,National University of SingaporeHas set a tuition fee of about 4000 dollars (about 330,000 yen) per year for foreign students from overseas graduate schools. As a rank, in addition to the high education level that is located in the top 30 in the world, Singapore has become a melting pot of Asian culture, and exchange with students gathered from Asian countries has become a big appeal. It is also a high point that you can play on Thai beaches on holidays.

◆ Mexico

In Mexico, lose to North American universitiesNational University of Mexico (UNAM)I am accepting students for about $ 1000 a year (about 84,000 yen). National University of Mexicolatin americaIt boasts the highest level of educational standards among them, and it is known as the most important educational institution among Spanish-speaking educational institutions.

◆ South Africa

In South Africa, after abolishing apartheid, promoting the securing of individuals and academic freedom,Cape Town UniversityYaUniversity of JohannesburgHas received high praise worldwide as well. When studying abroad from these universities, tuition is about 4000 dollars (about 330,000 yen). Also, in South Africa, living expenses are also cheap compared to European countries, which is also attractive.

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