Ultra lightweight miniature flying boat "Flynano"

Flying designer Aki Suokas developed a small flying boat called "Flynano". The weight of the aircraft is less than 70 kg, and it is very lightly suppressed compared to ordinary airplanes and flying boats.

It is a global air showAERO 2011Details of this aircraft that was announced in the following is from below.

Flynano is a single-seater flying boat developed by a flight designer Aki Suokas. Its wing width is about 5 m, the total length of the aircraft is 3.5 m, the total height is 1.3 m.

The aircraft is made of carbon fiber, its weight is kept to less than 70 kg,Maximum take-off weightIs 200 kg. The practical rise limit is 3 km, and the speed is 70 km to 140 km / h.

In the E200 series powered by electricity, the cruising speed at 20 kW is 140 km / h.

Gasoline powered G240 series, 24 hp cruising speed is 130 km / h.

The R260 / 300 series for racing, the cruising speed is 350 km / h with 35 hp.

The price is from 25,000 euro (about 3 million yen) to 27 thousand euros (about 3.24 million yen), and the transport / storage trailer is 5,300 euros (about 640,000 yen). I have not touched on what will happen, especially in Japan, but it seems interesting for leisure use.

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