How much is the tuition fee required to graduate from a university in the United States?


Universities founded by the Imperial University Ordinance issued before World War II such as the University of Tokyo and Kyoto UniversityOld CollegeI call it. Although it is not an imperial university anymore, seven universities of the former Emperor University are still regarded as brands. Meanwhile, in the United States, eight prestigious private universities on the east coastIvy · LeagueIt is famous for being an excellent student gathering, making an alliance of.

The Ivy Coach reveals how much money it will cost to graduate from this Ivy League university.

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◆ Columbia University (Columbia University): 56,684 dollars (about 4,370,000 yen) x 4 years = 227,636 dollars (about 17.49 million yen)

New York State New York City Manhattan District, located on the Upper West Side along the Hudson River. Founded in 1754. As a world-class research university, he produced many Nobel Prize winners. It is located in New York City and has the most international and liberal school style. The Pulitzer Prize selection committee is established at the same school journalism graduate school. Ivy · League has the most graduate school ratio and absolute number (68% of students, 16,000 belong to graduate school).

Campus of Columbia University


◆ Dartmouth College: $ 53,565 (about 4.27 million yen) x 4 years = 221,460 dollars (about 1.78 million yen)


There are 269 acres (approximately 1 sq. Km) of campus in northern New Hampshire. Founded in 1769, it is one of the nine universities that had been in existence before America was independent. She has 19 graduate programs including Dartmouth Medical Graduate School, Thayer College of Technology, and Tack Business School graduate school, three graduate schools, liberal arts, arts and science. There are 4196 university students belonging, and 5987 students including all students are the smallest school in the Ivy · League.

Campus of Dartmouth University

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Cornell University: $ 54,645 (about 4.22 million yen) x 4 years = $ 218,580 (about 168.6 million yen)

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Colleges belonging to the Ivy · League are all private colleges, but Cornell University is an unusual regime in which three of the seven faculties are semi-governmental officials receiving state assistance. Established in New York State in 1865, the living OB is 255,000 people. So farMarshall scholarship student31 people,Rose scholarship student28 people and 41 Nobel laureates. The total number of students is 14,000 in 50 states and 122 countries, and 7000 graduate students.

State of Cornell University's campus


University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania): $ 39,976 (about 4.16 million yen) x 4 years = $ 215,904 (about 16.65 million yen)

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The fourth oldest university in America, predominantly of the Philadelphia Academy, founded by a scholar / politician, Benjamin Franklin, drawn on a $ 100 banknote. The location is Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania. The research being done at the university is the world top class in both quality and quantity. There are ten heads of state (including the US president) and 18 millionaires from graduates.

Campus of University of Pennsylvania

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Brown University: $ 51,336 (about 409,000 yen) x 4 years = $ 21,254 (about 1636,000 yen)


Like other Ivy · League universities, Brown University, founded before the American Revolutionary War, is the seventh oldest university in the United States, the first university accepted regardless of what religion the students are. Located in Providence City, Rhode Island Province, in 1971 Pembroke College, Brown Women's University merged.

Campus of Brown University

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◆ Yale University: $ 52,700 (about 406,000 yen) x 4 years = $ 210,800 (about 16.25 million yen)

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The third oldest university in America in New Haven, Connecticut. In addition to being positioned as the world top as a university, law school is also said to be the world's top class. There are 24 libraries, and its collection has 12.5 million books. The image color is blue called "Yale Blue", it is a good rival in the athletics competition with Harvard University, especially the regatta race is exciting.

Campus of Yale University

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Harvard University: $ 52,650 (about 406,000 yen) x 4 years = $ 210,600 (about 16.24 million yen)


A prestigious school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There are 11 campuses in the Boston metropolitan area, with an area of ​​210 acres (85 ha). Founding was founded in 1636 and is the oldest in the United States. The amount donated to academic institutions around the world so far is 32 billion dollars, the organization donating the most in the world. There are 62 million billionaires who come from Harvard and are the most living in American universities. President Obama is also a graduate school.

Campus of Harvard University

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◆ Princeton University: $ 40,9069 (about 378) × 4 years = $ 196276 (about 1.513 million yen)

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One of the universities before America independence, founded in 1746. OldPresbyterian churchAlthough there was a close relationship with, there are no conditions, such as having to subscribe to a specific religion in particular now. In terms of student units, the university is making the largest donation in the world.

Campus of Princeton University


On the other hand, the tuition fees of Japanese universities are as follows. It is a reference example to the last, it is not actually okay with this amount.

The University of Tokyo:Enrollment fee 282,000 yen + tuition fee 538,800 yen × 4 years= 2,425,000 yen (in the case of daytime)
Kyoto University:Enrollment fee 282,000 yen + tuition fee 538,800 yen × 4 years= 2,425,000 yen (in the case of daytime)
Waseda University Faculty of Law:Admission fee 200,000 yen + tuition fee 757,000 yen × 4+ Other = 3,980,000 yen
Keio University School of Medicine:Admission fee 200,000 yen + tuition fee 2.97 million yen× 6 + other = about 20 million yen

By the way,According to Mr. Toshiaki Tachibiki and Mr. Yagi Masashi, "The tuition fee of a national university in Japan is extremely high, and opportunities for higher education are not fairly secured in terms of economic aspects"The tuition fee (per year) of each country is summarized as follows.

·united states of america
State university: 500,000 yen
Private university: 2,090,000 yen

National university: 820,000 yen
Private university: 131 million yen

National university: 230,000 yen (450,000 yen in 2010)
Private university (1 sample for sample): 1,200,000 yen

State university: 18,000 yen

National university: 19,000 yen

94,000 yen

Public university: 1600 yen
Private university: 1.87 million yen

420,000 yen

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