What is the reason why GitHub's activity record is not useful at all in employment or employment?

In Git hosting service GitHub, various developers are publishing open source software, and some amazing advanced programs can be seen. GitHub also has a meaning as a place to show off his skills as a programmer, but for those who are going to hire engineers or technicians to hire, the GitHub profile, which is a record of activity at GitHub, almost means There is an opinion that it is not there.

Why GitHub Will not Help You With Hiring

Mr. Ben Frederikson, a software developer living in Vancouver, Canada, says that GitHub's activities should not be considered to work favorably as a technician. Mr. Frederiksson said that "The Ethics of Unpaid Labor and the OSS Community(Ethics of Unpaid Work and the OSS Community) "and"Why GitHub is not your CV(Why does GitHub not be able to write a resume?) "As an excellent reference, why GitHub's activity record is meaningless in terms of employment or employment is summarized on its own.

◆ 1: sparse data
The following GitHub profile is from a developer who feels Frederikson is extremely excellent as a software engineer. According to this figure, this engineer's development record at GitHub is completely zero, indicating that it has not contributed any contribution. However, as GitHub's activity record is zero, it will not be an incompetence as an engineer.

In GitHub "number of followers" is considered as an indicator of the certainty of the skill as a technician. However, according to the data extracted from Mr. Frederiksson from GitHub, if there is even one follower, it will enter the top 10%, and if there are 10 followers it will be within 1%. If employers wishing to employ technicians put in the number of followers, 88% of the people with 0 followers are 0, so 88% of them will be removed from the condition. As mentioned later, since the number of followers is not an "engineer's" skill "but an indicator of" popularity ", it is not necessarily directly related to ability, so such screening seems to be harmful rather than meaningless.

◆ 2: GitHub is open source
Naturally, the software published on GitHub is an open source program. In other words, the achievement of GitHub is the achievement of making open source software, not the achievement of the development of closed source software which account for the majority. According to Mr. Frederikson, for developers working in companies that make closed source software, having no track record at GitHub does not mean something special. Doom developer'sJohn · D · CarmackAnd Google's super engineerJeff DeanIt is a matter of course that GitHub profile is not available.

On the contrary, it can be said that it is nonsense that a person who wants to adopt a developer of closed-source software asking "What is the achievement at GitHub?" Companies developing closed-source software often prohibit their involvement in the development of open-source software, and despite this, it is perfect self contradiction to seek achievements at GitHub. The act of sifting Jeff Dean from the absence of GitHub's record should not be anything but stupidity.

◆ 3: Git Hub is full of dirty works
The project to be released on GitHub is a cobblestones, according to Frederikson, most are not impressive. This is due to the fact that "Creating a GitHub repository" is organized as a lesson in the curriculum of many colleges and coding boot camps. According to Mr. Frederikson "datasciencecoursera"CourseraThere are about 190,000 repositories of entwined names in GitHub, and 1.1 million of the more than 78 million repositories linked to the GitHub archive are named "hello-world", 1 million are "test" It seems to be called the name.

◆ 4: Followers are popular voting
Mr. Frederikson believes that the number of followers displayed in the GitHub profile is simply a result of popularity voting, not a talent of a technician.

For example, the following "Stichpunk" profile has over 1,600 followers and is a rare engineer who positions it as the top 0.002%, but the TV drama "Silicon Valley"It is a dummy made for the episode.

Also, many popular repositories are softwarelistYajokeIt is said that the star of the repository can not be an indicator of the excellence of the program.

◆ 5: No one checks the GitHub profile at the interview
It is a GitHub profile that is unreliable for employers, but Mr. Frederikson thinks that it is not useful for developers looking for jobs. In fact, in the job hunting work of Mr. Frederikson, there was not even one interviewer who checked the GitHub profile before the interview, and even an interviewer who replied "I have not read the resume".

According to Dan Lu, who enters the top 1000 at GitHub, it seems that 2 out of 50 people checked the code by interview.

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