Google unveils "Gmail Add-ons" that allows you to integrate add-ons into Gmail and use application features directly in Gmail

A tool for third-party developers that will allow you to add your own app / web service add-on to GmailGmail Add-ons"Developer preview version has been released.

G Suite Developers Blog: Bring the power of your apps into Gmail with Add-ons

Gmail Add-ons is a cloud type groupware "G SuiteA tool for users of. With users installing add-ons, you can tap directly from Gmail to have access to third-party app features directly.

By the end of 2017, Gmail usersG Suite MarketplaceYou can install the add-on freely via via, but Google himself also chooses a partner. At the time of writing the article focused on tools for business, he said that the functions of the three companies' tools can be used.

Intuit Quickbooks
The "Intuit Quickbooks" add-on for accounting software is a tool for people who do small business. With Intuit Quickbooks you can make invoices directly on Gmail and send them to customers.

Using customer relationship management "ProsperWorks", on GmailCRMYou will be able to access the information at, so you can easily contact the customer on the mail thread.

The way you use Intuit Quickbooks and ProsperWorks add-on on Gmail can be viewed with GIF animation by clicking on the following image.

Tap the icon under the e-mail ......

I have access to ProsperWorks. I will select a contact here.

Go back to e-mail and tap another icon, this time Intuit Quickbooks launched.

Create invoices in Gmail ... ...

Send it crisply.

With Salesforce you can add contacts and related threads of e-mail to Salesforce data from Gmail's mail. By clicking on the following image, you can see what kind of function it is with GIF animation.

Developers who wish to use Gmail Add-ons must sign up for Developer Preview from the following.


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