Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin finally assembled a large rocket engine, "The Amazon Plan to the Moon" also emerged

Space development company launched by Amazon's Jeff Bezos "Blue Origin"Is the rocket engine that becomes the key to future rocket development"BE-4Completed the assembly of Mr. Bezos and announced it with images on Twitter.

Jeff Bezos shows off Blue Origin's new rocket engine, fully assembled for the first time - The Verge

Mr. Bezos announces its completion on its own Twitter. The tweet writes that "the first BE-4 engine is assembled and the second and third will be completed shortly", it is clarified that several engines are assembled. Incidentally, the hash tag "#GradatimFerociter" attached to tweet is Blue Origin's motto "Gradatim Ferociter" based on Latin, the meaning of English is "Step by step, ferociously (step by step, step by step)" something like.

The BE-4 engine is the fourth generation of the rocket engine developed by Blue Origin, it burns liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid oxygen to generate propulsive force of 550,000 pounds (about 250 tons), and cargo and person To the orbit around the Earth. Although detailed specifications are not disclosed, the overall height of the engine is estimated to be about 15 feet (about 4.5 meters) as follows.

By the way, the BE-3 engine that is the previous generation burns liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. "LNG propulsion system" using natural gas adopted in BE-4 is inferior in performance from "hydrogen propulsion system" which burns liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, but it is more suitable for preservation in outer space And because the fuel itself is inexpensive, the launch cost is low, there are merits such as the size of the rocket can be reduced due to the high density compared to hydrogen.

The previous generation BE-3 engine has been adopted as a company's rocket "New Shepard". After New Schpard launches the rocket capsule, it can descend towards the ground by autopilot and can land the BE-3 engine backwards to land. In the following article you can see the whole story.

Mr. Bezos rocket company "Blue Origin" succeeded in the passenger escape test, civil rocket to rush SpaceX to the brink - GIGAZINE

About the BE - 4 engine Bezos also releases the following images on Twitter. It says "Another picture with BE - 4 on the shipping cradle (mount)". Although it is unknown where it will be carried on the cradle, it seems probably that this engine will go to the stage of combustion experiment after actually putting fire in it.

The BE-4 engine is a next generation large rocket developed by Blue OriginNew Glenn"As with New Shepard, the first stage rocket will return to the ground and plan to land. SpaceX's large rocket "Falcon Heavy" andUnited · Launch · Alliance(ULA)Delta IV HeavyIt is scheduled to become larger (at least in terms of size) than the largest rocket that mankind madeSaturn VIt is the second largest scale.

Among the rockets currently launched by the United States, Atlas V is a Russian made rocket engineRD-180We are using the situation, so to speak, a part of Russia dependent. In developing BE - 4, Blue Origin says that it aims to "end the situation where the US depends on Russian rocket engines".

About the BE - 4 engine, Blue Origin has released the following fact sheet.


Although it is Blue Origin, which promotes the development of rockets under the CEO of Bezos, it is also clear that some are planning a plan called "Blue Moon" to transport goods and personnel to the moon. The planning plan covering 7 pages was submitted to Former President Obama to transitioning to President Trump and to NASA, and we built a rocket to deliver goods to the moon and in the south pole of the moon which is considered to have water ice It is said that there is a plan to make the Amazon dauntless to deliver a lunar transport vehicle for transportation.

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