Foreign language learning site "Master Foreign Numbers" specialized only for hearings of "number" surely useful in English-speaking travel etc.

ByChris Jones

In daily conversation abroad, "time", price, telephone number etc, such as "number" will be important anyway, but free net service that can increase the listening ability of languages ​​of various countries around the world specialized in number "Master Foreign Numbers"is.

Master Foreign Numbers

Please visit the website above and click "Try it out!"

Then the following page will appear.

In addition to English, the language was chosen from Chinese, Dutch, French, Japanese, etc. Taiwan / Hong Kong etc, corresponding to 33 countries / regions around the world.

The length of the game can be selected from 10 seconds to 5 minutes ... ...

As for the game type you can choose at the time of review, only "Fill in the blank" is input.

For the number of types, telephone number, price etc. are under preparation, only plane can be chosen.

The upper limit of the number is 100 to 10 million.

The reading speed is selectable from 5 stages of "Very Slow", "Slow", "Middle", "Fast", "Very Fast", this time select "Middle" and click "Play".

The game screen looks something like this. Since electronic sounds flow from the terminal, enter the number you heard in the blank. Click "Guess" to proceed to the next problem.

The remaining time is displayed in the upper right of the screen, and the number answered to the left is displayed in the lower left. If you continue to answer while paying attention to type mistake ......

Time limit. In the "Answers" part is written the answer that I input and what was wrong if I made a mistake.

Furthermore, when I tried it with "Very Fast", it was electronic voice so it was a bit different from the real voice. However, as I tried concentrating and trying it several times, as the correct answer rate gradually increases, it seems that it will certainly lead to an increase in listening skill.

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