An editor whose all data disappears when you stop typing more than 5 seconds, you will have to compulsorily concentrate "The Most Dangerous Writing App"


Writing text or code may cause concentration to be interrupted, but if the typing is not done for more than 5 seconds, the typed text will disappear entirely Web editor of fear "The Most Dangerous Writing AppIf you use ", you may be able to continue typing without worrying when you say" I have to finish the work by all means o ○! "

The Most Dangerous Writing App

When you open the page of The Most Dangerous Writing App, you can select the time limit "5 minutes" "10 minutes" "20 minutes" "30 minutes" "45 minutes" "60 minutes" as the item "Session Length". This is the time to continue entering text, the rules that the text disappears if you do not type more than 5 seconds regardless of what you choose is the same. First, select "5: 00" and start with "Start".

Then the editor opens, "Start typing ..." is displayed, and in the upper right the time limit for the selected 5 minutes is displayed.

When entering the appropriate text, the count for 5 minutes started automatically.

If you do not write anything for about 4 seconds, you will see that the screen turns red and the danger is approaching. If you enter some text before 5 seconds have elapsed ......

The screen will return to white and you can continue to enter text.

If you do not type it and more than 5 seconds have elapsed, you will see "You failed." (You failed) and the entered text disappears as shown below. As you often see, "You wrote five words in 33 seconds", it seems that Japanese does not count the number of words and only supports English. However, even in Japanese you can count the number of characters. So click "Retry" to rechallenge with English text.

If you are typing in English, you can see that the number of characters entered, the number of words and the input speed are displayed at the bottom of the screen and it is recognized without any problems. However, the limit of 5 seconds is a bit stuffed and it is severe enough that typing hands stop but reaching is severe enough that it is severe so it is no longer inexhaustible to keep striking text and there is nothing to survive.

So, if you continue to write text without resting for 5 minutes, the count will disappear and the entered text will not disappear. From here it is possible to continue input without worrying about the restriction of 5 seconds. Furthermore, if you want to aim for a stoic way to hone your typing ability, click "Win! Retry?" ...

You can select the session time again and enter text while being chased by 5 seconds. When the deadline of document creation is not enough, if you use 'The Most Dangerous Writing App' you may be able to break through your limit, but with a fear editor with a possibility that hardships will become water bubbles and It is getting.

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