"Magic Calendar" calendar of "paper" that fully synchronizes with Google Calendar

Although it became a convenient world by digital tools such as smartphones, the excellence of "paper" as a medium still remains unchanged. By combining the advantages of such paper with the strengths of digital tools, a calendar that realizes "the future where paper connects to the Internet"Magic Calendar"Has appeared.

Magic Calendar

You can understand what kind of tool Magic Calendar is, by seeing the following movie in a single shot.

Android Experiments OBJECT Grand Prix: Magic Calendar - YouTube

Mr. Hiroyasu Tsuboi, developer of Magic Calendar. Tsuboi, a loyal user of Google Calendar, shared the schedule with his family.

Magic Calendar's design concept behind Tsuboi who speaks the design concept, the display content of Magic Calendar is changing as soon as possible.

It was the reason I designed Magic Calendar when I thought that it would be nice if there was a product that combines the merit of paper with the characteristics of smartphones and that we can quickly check information as soon as possible.

Mother looking at the poster at the station. It seems to be a guide for children art exhibition.

Add event content to Google Calendar.

Meanwhile, in the living room at home ......

In the Magic Calendar on the wall, the content of the event that Mom took notes was reflected. Magic Calendar connected to the Internet has the feature that data can be synchronized.

Moreover, there is also good visibility of paper.

It also possesses the features of paper which can understand information at a glance.

Magic Calendar allows you to update the information in real time, while keeping the visibility of the paper.

Since it is unnecessary to start up smartphone every time, the risk of missing a sudden schedule change will be small. Of course, you can say "write to your home calendar from anywhere in the world".

Of course the design of the calendar can be changed freely. In addition to the calendar, you can also cook recipes and paste art on the wall.

Magic Calendar is still in the prototype stage, "Tsuboi thinks that surprises and emotions will be born if information is added to the feel and texture of paper."

Magic Calendar is a project that connects with Android and seeks and shapes ideas that make the world more enjoyable and funAndroid Experiments OBJECTOne of the Grand Prix works of. In Android Experiments OBJECT, English conversation lesson microphone attached to clothes collar "ELI / English Learning Intelligence"Scope that shows" another time "of the scenery in front of you"Chronoscape"To inform the surroundings that a pregnant woman is around"Smart Maternity Mark (Smart Maternity Mark)"Production of the prototype has started as Grand Prix work.

Android Experiments OBJECT

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