Google Play Award announces 9 types of Android applications rated as 'highest', from puzzle games to design creation apps

The Google Play Award is held on May 8th, 2019 (Wednesday), the first day of Google's annual developer meeting ' Google I / O 2019 ', to honor the outstanding developers behind the app. it was done. The Google Play app is divided into nine categories, and the most outstanding apps in each category are announced.

From puzzles to poster-making: 2019's Google Play Award winners

◆ Outstanding Wellbeing App / Woebot
Woebot is an AI using cognitive-behavioral therapy that allows users to manage their mental health through daily conversations with chatbots. Developed by psychologists and AI experts at Stanford University, clinical trials have shown that symptoms of depression improve in two weeks.

Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert-Apps on Google Play

◆ The most accessible app / Envision AI
Envision AI is an application to help visually impaired people. For example, if you take a picture of a woman who is sitting, it will explain the situation with voice like 'Woman is smiling at the camera', and if you take a sentence, it will read what you have written Because it reads the names and addresses of buildings, etc., it can dramatically improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Envision AI-Apps on Google Play

◆ The most socially impacted app / Wisdo
Wisdo is an SNS application that specializes in sharing issues such as worries, anxiety and health. You can share your personal experiences, connect with people with similar experiences, and support each other. You can participate in a community that specializes in various themes such as depression, anxiety, parenting, and adoption.

Wisdo-Apps on Google Play

◆ The most beautiful game / SHADOWGUN LEGENDS
The FPS MMORPG, SHADOWGUN LEGENDS, is the third in the SHADOWGUN series. The artistry and unique visual effects were appreciated.

SHADOWGUN LEGENDS-Online Shooter FPS!-Apps on Google Play

◆ The best living experience / Neverthink
Neverthink is an app that provides an online video experience. You can subscribe to more than 45 YouTube movies and watch the distractions from the rough categories such as 'Like' and 'Learn something'. It can be used as a refreshing companion that can be viewed at home while eating and exercising.

Neverthink: Handpicked videos-Apps on Google Play

◆ The most creative app / Tick Tock
Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is a game in which two players work together to solve a puzzle using two smartphones and the screen of the Nintendo Switch. The unique view of the world like dark fantasy was also attractive, and it was appreciated that it used new technology.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two-Apps on Google Play

◆ Outstanding build / Canva that has generated billions of experiences
An application that allows you to easily create flyers, posters, business cards, etc. from more than 60,000 kinds of templates created by designers and more than one million photos. As well as performance, localization to each country was clever and was widely used.

Canva-A graphic design app that makes it easy to create posters, flyers, flyers, business cards and thank you notes-Apps on Google Play

◆ Most Innovative Application / SLOWLY
SLOWLY is an application that allows you to feel the analog elements even though you can communicate with people all over the world. It is characterized by a unique specification that a letter-like time lag occurs depending on where the user is from sending a message to receiving it, and it is recognized for its excellent design, user experience, and high growth rate. .

SLOWLY-Connect to the World!-Apps on Google Play

◆ Most Innovative Game / MARVEL Strike Force
“MARVEL Strike Force”, in which Marvel superheroes and villains join their hands, has been selected as the most revolutionary game. This is also appreciated for overall good design, user experience and engagement.

MARVEL Strike Force-Apps on Google Play

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