This is what happens when you take a gravure photo in zero gravity


Kate Upton, who is an actress and model, took a photo shoot in a swimsuit. When you look at the photos actually taken, Mr. Upton smiles toward the camera, but a movie showing the backstage of the actual shooting is released and you can see the chaos in the scene well It has become.

Kate Upton 2014 Swimsuit: Zero G

This is the finished photo that was actually taken. Mr. Upton, who floats in the air and turns his face even in a backward position.

Splashing splash ...

It is also possible to stand on the side.

It looks like this swimsuit with a fringe.

It is a photo that you can feel room from Mr. Upton's smile, but you can see the backstage from the following.

Kate Upton Floats Above You In Zero Gravity: Behind The Scenes | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit-YouTube

Mr. Upton who wore a gown listens to the story with a serious manner. Anyway, 'turning the face to the camera' is the most important thing.

Many devices are brought into a small room.

The voice of '2 minutes' is heard, and Mr. Upton who takes off his clothes.

Set your hair ......

Open the chest zipper a little.

Mr. Upton lays down in the middle of a long and thin room to look at it ...

The filming staff all fall asleep as well.

If you look out of the window, you can see that shooting is taking place on the plane. This is a method also used for astronaut training to create a microgravity state by causing an airplane to freely fall like a parabola.

And ...

Everyone's body lifts up and shooting starts.

Mr. Upton also rose.

Mr. Upton drifts softly with the cloth.

The staff shooting ...... also floats in the air.

Kicking the wall, it floats like swimming in the water. And no matter what position it looks like the face is facing the camera firmly as directed.

Everyone has landed once and pauses. It is seen as rising again towards the next free fall.

And it rises again.

Staff that breaks the balance.

The imaging staff who can not move as expected is scattered and chaos on the spot.

The main movie is no longer Upton's, but it has become a shooting staff.

During swimming happily.

However, shooting is progressing well.

Acrobatic Cameraman ...

A man who holds it aside and stabilizes.

A series of 'Amazing!' Calls.

The shooting staff are moving forward while sliding together at the same time whether the posture of the plane has changed, the people are serious but they are comical when viewed from the outside.

Also directed to create a spray with a syringe.

It is chaos to say the least.

And the shooting ended safely.

Also, you can check the photo of Mr. Upton's regular shooting on Fiji Island from the following movie. My favorite item is a swimwear like 'I hardly cover anything' straps.

Kate Upton Embraces Her Newfound Confidence In Fiji | Uncovered | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit-YouTube

In the past, a rock band in the US has created and released a music video in which a balloon containing colored water snaps in a zero gravity space in the same way. At this time, it is said that twice a day flight was repeated for one week because only zero seconds can create zero gravity space in one flight.

'OK Go' Shows Unprecedented Music Video 'Upside Down & Inside Out' Flying in Zero Gravity Space-GIGAZINE

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