More than 100 sexy and cute swimwear shots including Vancouver Winter Olympics gold medalists and more are now available for free

A lot of photographs of swimsuits of professional athletes who appear on the Olympic Games were published in large quantities.

There are lively, smiling faces like sports players, and there is one piece of gaze that looks like a glance, you can watch without getting tired. Although it is generally in swimsuit form, there are also topless pictures, and in Japan bold poses that are unlikely to be thought of first are fresh.

Details are as below. It took place on February 18, 2010Vancouver Olympic Winter Alpine Ski Women got a gold medal in downhillLindsey Bonn

Anyway sexy.

We do not know well that we are approaching helicopters and Lindsay players.

It is a scenic valley.

Swimsuit of a pure image.

As a result of replacing the above photo, I have released a lot of incense.

A rough shot lying in bed.

It looks like a casual standing.

nextI won a gold medal in the ladies half-pipe of the Torino Olympics, Hannah Teeter players also participating in the Vancouver Olympics

Turtle is only on the reverse sexy.

Because it is a snow sports player, shooting at the slopes is conspicuous although it is a swimsuit appearance.

The board you got me reminds me that she is a professional snowboarder.

Pretty treacherous back shot.

She has quite a lot of back shots, but is it a photographer 's hobby?

Eyes looking cute.

Cash! A pose that seems to hear the voice saying.

The shooter is surrounded all around her.

Shooting at the lift, in fact it seems quite tough.

From hereX GamesClaire Bidders who has earned high ranking results in US Snowboard Grand Prix and so on

I am 22 years old and it is the first time to take such a picture.

We are on the lift at once.

The wearing off clothes feels calm.

The seams have become like.

Bed in with the board.

One shot goes ahead.

Is it related to the competition that represents the world of the Olympics, taking pictures with an airplane?

Anyhow cute.

It is a picture that seems to be misunderstood, but it seems to be quite hard to be taken.

Finally, Lacey Squonaa, who was chosen as Freestyle (Aerial) representative of the skiing event of the Vancouver Olympics

I capture the moment when I fly.

Standing looks stately.

I am concerned about the underwear.

The snowmobile seems to be used to handling.

My eyes will go to the unraveled straps.

The polka dot pattern is cute.

A shot as if I took a private one frame.

A smile is charming.

It seems that the first flying photo was taken like this.

The photos introduced here are only a few, and other sexy shots can be seen on the following page.
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