If you perform acting in a pair of figure skating by one person, it changes to a transcendental performance

The first Olympic Winter Games held in Russia "Sochi Olympics 2014Closes, among the Japanese players Hanyu Yuri gets a gold medal, Mao Asada is a free programAwesome actingI showed up a big topic in figure skating.

In such a figure skating there are competitions "pair" and "ice dance" performed by a pair of male and female, but in these competitions, skills such as high jump and spiral that can be made possible by two people sliding can be seen . If you were able to act these skills alone, what kind of picture can you take?

Without You

An outrageous high jump ...... That's a woman skater who has succeeded in flying the sky any longer.

This player completely ignored gravity.

A player who knocks down on a jump but falls down to the ground level with the ground.

There is a top on top.

Whether or not I am falling down anymore.

Hissatsushi shrimp jumping jump.

Will you not be committed to sliding on ice when you reach this level?

Not only the transcendental jump and balance, but also the pairs that do not have a refined expression.

It seems as if there are partners in their arms.

It is wonderful expression power.

Every photo seems to be deciding an outrageous technique, but in fact it works with partners to jump, spin, balance, etc. For example, the following picture looks like a photographed skater with a ridiculous sense of balance, but in fact, American Marissa Castelli and Simon Schnapier players,Acting at the world figure skating championship held in London in 2013Processing the photograph when doing, only erasing male athletes. As you can see in this picture, by removing the partner from the photograph, the photograph which contained the moment of unexpected acting was completed.

Ekaterina Boblova, who is showing off the spin that will be impossible unless it can float in the air, is Russian national player of ice dance and her partner disappeared Dmitry Sorobiev.

Impression that is very close at the time of the performance starting from around 5 minutes of the movie below.

Skate America 2012 -5 / 8 - Ekaterina BOBROVA Dmitri SOLOVIEV - 20/10/2012 - YouTube

Turning off the female athlete instead of the male player makes it look like this, and improves the discomfort in the picture.

Especially in the case of a male player performing a pair in which a lift player makes a high lift or jump, attention is focused only on women showing elegant appearance, I realize what I did not see firmly.

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