Password checker too big to check whether passwords are used up or mixed case

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"Password top 25 commonly used in 2016As you can see, there are a lot of people who use passwords of numbers or simple words as passwords. Even if it is not such a simple password, if you are using the same password with multiple services, it is possible that unauthorized access may be encountered in a formula that one's account information has leaked out. However, when the password is complicated and it is not used, it is quite troublesome to generate it, and a GIF image as if speaking of its troublesome is released.

GitHub - SirCmpwn / evilpass: Slightly evil password strength checker

This is the GIF image.

What is displayed is the account creation screen, first enter the user name ......

Then enter your email address and password. I tried to create an account by clicking "Sign up" ......

"Passwords must contain at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and a number," warned me to set a stronger password. These warnings are of a type that is sometimes seen on recent password entry screens.

Following that, entering a password with uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers mixed ... ...

Next is the display saying "Your password must be at least 8 characters long."

Certainly it is easy to decipher a password with a small number of characters, so when I enter a password of more than 8 letters ......

"Please use a password different from Twitter" was displayed. In other words, this password checker warned the user to check the password used by SNS etc, and set a different password so that the user can set up a secure password.

To this, the user who was trying to create an account also got confused as "Ummm ......"

This is not a password checker implemented in the actual account creation screen etc., but it is for GitHub usersSirCmpwnThe source code has been made publicly available.

GitHub - SirCmpwn / evilpass: Slightly evil password strength checker

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