How to convert a super-dangerous password into a securely secure password

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There are many opportunities to set passwords due to an increase in webmail service, SNS, net banking, etc. However, many people register the same password on multiple sites,McAfeeAccording to the announcement, 74% of all net users are using the same password on multiple websites, and commonly used passwords are "Password"123456"1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8"It is said that it is easy for cracking for hackers. McAfee has released a method of setting a password that is hard to crack with the meaning of alerting Internet users.

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◆ 1: Do not use the same password for multiple sites

If you register the same password on several sites, the risk of being hacked will be high, but if it is difficult to use different passwords for each site you use, you can use e-mail · SNS · Internet banking for genres etc. Even just setting a different password reduces the danger much more.

◆ 2: Password to be set lengthens words by arranging more words than random sequence of characters

Safety is high for those passwords that contain symbols such as upper case letters and lower case letters, spaces, numbers, numbers, "?" And "!" Of the alphabet, and "My 1st Password!"It seems that it is harder to crack than a password that combines multiple words to make the total number of characters large and the password and combination of numbers and symbols naturally combine randomly chosen letters.

◆ 3: Password for SNS add service name etc. of SNS used at the end

When using the same password with multiple SNSs,TwitterIf "My 1st Password: Twtr",FacebookIf "My 1st Password: fb"And the abbreviated name of the SNS that is used at the end of the password, and the like are added.

◆ 4: Passwords are easier to remember and have more characters

On the other hand, the number of characters is large, but the password that can be easily memorized is less dangerous to be hacked than the one with complicated characters. For example "Br3ak1 read & amp; 7Password is 1000 breakthrough attacks per second breakthrough in 3 days, but "Thunder showers before sunset"It can last up to 550 years for 1000 brute-force attacks per second.

◆ 5: Multiple words arrangedPassphraseExample of creation method

When hesitating to create a pass phrase, for example, it is good to include the answer of a quiz about his favorite movie, the feel of a kiss for the first time, if you want to put a number, including weight etc.

As a method of protecting passwords besides those listed above, McAfee does not log in to sites that require password entry at Internet cafes and libraries, "" Do not log in to the Internet via free Wi-Fi at airports, cafes, etc. " When connecting, avoid password input "" Can be selected when entering passwordRemember meWe do not use "method such as recommended. In addition, the above password setting method is a story much more than just a simple password such as "12345", etc., and the possibility that breakthrough by "dictionary attack" etc. is more than the combination of words is Even so, by changing it little by little at each site, even if the password leaks in case of emergency, it is possible to minimize the influence on other services, so it is better if you do better than not doing it That is good.

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