"A guy who talks about technical innovation is fucking, move your hand silently," Linux creator Linus Torvalds says

Linux kernelMr. Linus Torvalds, who talked about the technology industry in recent years and the idea of ​​his own work in a dialogue held at the Open Source Leadership Summit 2017 (OSLS 2017) held by the Linux Foundation.

Talk of tech innovation is bullsh * t. Shut up and get the work done - says Linus Torvalds • The Register

Mr. Linus Torvalds at OSLS 2017 will serve as a director at the Linux FoundationJim · ZemrinI talked with Mr.. Open source Linux kernel inventor /Tender dictator of lifeAs well as version control systemGitMr. Torvalds, also known as the developer, talked about how to think about work and how to manage the Linux kernel development.

Mr. Torvalds said recently about the IT industry "The industry that is told about only innovation is crappy, anyone can innovate," Think Different "of the mouth is meaningless, if you have time to talk to work It should be started. " Mr. Torvalds said, "Successful projects are made with" 99% effort "and" 1% innovation ". Mr. Torvalds has worked in this way of thinking, but it is clear that Torvalds' approach is producing results as we look at the success of Linux that has had immeasurable impact on the computer industry.

Mr. Zemrin explains Linux kernel as the most successful "collaborative technology" project in the era of PC. According to Zemrin, since 2005, the Linux kernel contributors (developers) totaled more than 13,500, about 10,000 lines of code were added every day, 8000 lines of code were deleted, 1500 to 1800 It is said that the code of the line has been changed. Although it is not always the same development pace, the development of the Linux kernel by multiple contributors has been continued for over 25 years.


The Linux kernel development project is constructed so that each can develop independently and parallel. Torvalds said, "We have come over 25 years and the problems that always exist are people who pull others's legs.The thing I came through development history is to organize the flow of code and code, our maintenance It is to organize the ship.The arrangement of the maintenance ship is basically to let people who can not convince some code to leave. "

Mr. Torvalds states that the Linux kernel clearly shows the correct answer and the mistake by proceeding as a "social project" in which multiple developers develop in parallel. Mr. Torvalds does not personally review the Linux kernel 20 years ago, he said he trusts the developer's social network.

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