When doing a heart attack, what is going on inside your body?

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Some people may have seen a scene of heart attacks that drama and movies "suddenly hold down the heart and collapse", but there are dramatic symptoms of heart attacks that actually occur There is not it. When a heart attack occurs, what is going on in our body? What kind of emergency measures are necessary and how can we prevent it? That is,TED-EdIt is summarized in a movie.

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Seven million people die each year from heart attacks.

And cause a heart attackCardiovascular diseaseInduces arrhythmias and coronary artery diseases, hypertension, stroke, etc. as well as heart attacks, and produces many dead people all over the world.

So, how does heart attack occur? Like the muscles in the body, the heart also needs oxygen to function ... ...

While a heart attack is occurring, the heart can not take enough oxygen.

Fatty deposits that appeared here.

Fatty deposits send oxygen to our heartCoronary arteryI will accumulate on the wall.

Fatty deposits that accumulate with age sometimes become lumps, harden and inflammation, which will inhibit blood flow.

When this fatty deposit bursts ...

Clots will soon collect and block the flow of blood.

When the blood flow stops, oxygen does not reach the muscles and the cells begin to die in a few minutes. This is the beginning of a heart attack.

If you do not do the right treatment at this stage, the symptoms worsen immediately. The heart can not send blood to the body ... ...

The pulse gets steadily weaker, in the worst case it leads to death.

So how do people know that a heart attack is occurring? The most famous of heart attack symptoms is heart pain.

In addition, pain may be felt in the left arm, jaw, back, abdomen, and so on.

However, the symptoms of a heart attack do not "suddenly" or "dramatically" happen as seen in the movie.

Some people feel nauseous and shortness of breath.

In the case of women and the elderly, conspicuous symptoms do not appear, and fatigue and drowsiness are signals of heart attacks.

Also, many people suffer heart attacks in a very quiet manner. Especially for those with diabetes mellitus, the disease affects the nerves that convey pain, so a heart attack occurs with little pain.

If someone became a heart attack, the most important thing is prompt response.

If possible, immediately call the emergency dial.

Ingesting aspirin to thin the thrombus or nitroglycerin expanding the coronary artery also has the effect of not worsening the symptoms.

When arriving at the hospital, the doctor will diagnose whether heart attack is occurring by electrocardiogram or blood test and how much myocardium is damaged.

After that, treatment by the latest equipment starts.

Identify where the blood flow is inhibited ... ...

A specialist puts something like a balloon in a specific place and inflates the blood vessel.

This will improve the flow of blood. Such an operation is called angioplasty.

Also made of metal or polymer to keep the blood vessel in an expanded stateStentIt may be put in.

Furthermore, using veins and arteries of other parts of the body ... ...

"Coronary artery bypass surgery" that bypasses blood vessels and delivers blood flow may be performed.

Although medicine and technology are progressing like this, it is also important to prevent heart attacks in the first place. Heart attacks are affected not only by genetic cause but also by lifestyle ....

It is possible to lower the risk of heart attack by exercise, healthy eating habits, weight loss and so on.

Doctors recommend that you perform aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise several times a week.

It is also said that diets with high sugar and fat can also lead to heart attacks. However, in recent research and survey, "There is nothing to do with reducing low-fat diet and heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer riskIt has also been announced that it is.

And vegetables containing a lot of dietary fiber ... ...

Let's eat whole grains and nuts.Since dietary fiber surrounds starch and it is not decomposed, it is hard to become energy and has an intestinal actionIt is said.

These meals keep your weight healthy and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

There are also preventive methods using medicine, it is said that those who have heart attacks can prevent recurrence by taking low dose aspirin every day. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes medicine will reduce the risk of heart attack.

In the end, heart attacks have become familiar diseases, but that does not mean they can not be avoided in any way. Healthy eating ......

Stop smoking ......


Enough sleep

By laughing, you can move the "heart", the most important muscle in the body, appropriately.

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