What is the advantage of programming with paper rather than a computer?


programWhen making, to do the operation check of the program we made quickly, the work is done on the computer. However, computer scientist Aaron Su is practicing "paper programming" to program on paper. On programming, Mr. Sue talks on blogging why programming on paper, which is considered to be inefficient, is done.

Paper is dead, long live paper programming

Mr. Sue seems to write the program as a custom on a small notebook rather than a computer. In addition, I wrote that I wrote the program again on my computer and let it run. And nowcompilerIt is said that we are rewriting the program of Mr. Sue, and Mr. Su's notes are filled with information such as program contents and variables.

Also, "Paper programming" allows you to think about the actual behavior in your mind and write the program on paper while organizing, "Mr. Sue said, and the program written on paper was actually written on the computer Even if there is something wrong, we can get to the essence of the problem quickly, so we are doing more efficient work than creating a program on a computer.

Mr. Siu also admits that there are many opinions that actually it is more efficient to make programs on computers. As an answer to these questions, "The program that I finally wrote in" paper programming "gave me a lot of feedback, so the quality of the program itself should be improved." In addition, Mr. Siu is also disclosing his own notes, it seems that he wants to recognize "paper programming" as one of enjoyment methods, not as a method of programming as one method.

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