"Yoshinoya's classic cattle Calbi is baked with ginger and rice miso blended with rice miso" Bull Calbi ginger roasted rice bowl "" Bull Calbi ginger baked set meal "Tasting review

Since the advent of 2013, "Beef Calbi Bowl" and "Beef Calvi Set meal", one of the popular menus, are mixed with the richness of apple fruit juice and rice miso in plenty of ginger "sticking ginger dishes sauce" Baked savoryly with "Bow Calbie with ginger roe"Cow Calby ginger baked set meal"Has appeared on Thursday, February 9, 2017. I tried going to eat actually what kind of ginger noodle using cattle Calvi instead of pork.

Notice of sale of 'Calf Calbi ginger roasted rice bowl / set meal' ~ Standard slurping beef Calbi "" Special ginger-grilled sage "~
(PDF file)https://www.yoshinoya.com/_static/page/html/news/2017/pdf/170206.pdf

Bow Calvi ginger baked rice bowl | Yoshinoya official website

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

I ordered 'Beef Calbi ginger roasted rice bowl' (average · 590 yen including tax), 'Beef Calbi ginger baked set meal' (average · 650 yen including tax).

Beef is baked so it does not come out as soon as a beef bowl, but it was offered in less than 5 minutes.

It is not written on the menu or the product page of the website, but mayonnaise comes with it.

Cow Calbi ginger baked rice is on gourd with boiled beef grated with rice ......

Shredded cabbage

Grated ginger is also attached to the top.

First of all, trying to eat only bull Calbi, the sweetness of bull's beef's sweetness and responders stand out, and there is satisfaction as if you are eating yakiniku. It is a sauce of pork with a strong ginger dish, but it also goes well with cattle Calvi.

The onion was baked aroma and was baked to the extent that a crisp texture remained.

If you add more grated ginger, a stronger spiciness will be added than the flavor of ginger contained in sauce. Of course it is OK if people who are weak are removed entirely.

I also tried mayonnaise.

The ginger roast of cattle Calbi is more heavy than the pork ginger roast, but if you apply acidic mayonnaise it will improve the balance of taste just fine. Even in the same juxtaposition, there is an eating response from beef bowl, but with cabbage shredded stuff entering it makes it a well-balanced rice bowl that can be eaten until the end.

Continuously, "Cattle Calvi ginger baked set meal".

Cow Calby ginger grill and cabbage are on a plate.

With rice and miso soup.

The taste is the same as the cow Calvi ginger baked rice bowl and the compatibility with rice is perfect. If you mention the bowl, you know that ginger has been mixed in the whole, but you can eat it with a grated ginger of your choice if it is set meal. After eating bowl and set meal there is also a sense that the body warms up so it is recommended to survive the cold day.

In addition, the price of "bow Calbie ginger roasted rice bowl" is all 490 yen including tax, small scale 490 yen, parallel height 590 yen, large scale 690 yen, large special price 790 yen, 'cow Calbi ginger baked set meal' Yen, large hedron is 750 yen, Koen scale is 850 yen. There are stores that do not sell in part, you can see the list of stores from the following.

"Beef Calbi Ginger Grilled Bowl, Bull Calbi Ginger Grill Dishes, Cow Calby Ginger Baked Set Meal" Store list not on sale
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