Tesla "Model S P100D" demonstrates astounding acceleration power and records 2.28 seconds, which is the fastest commercial vehicle at 0-60 mph acceleration

Tesla's EV "Model S P100D" is tested by the American automobile magazine "Motor Trend", which is the fastest in history as a commercial vehicle in the 0-60 mph acceleration test equivalent to "0-100 km / h acceleration" in Japan2.28 secondsIt was made public that it was recorded. In the test, Easter egg (hidden mode) "Ludicrous mode" which increases the power performance of model S is used, and the tester who experienced the acceleration said "It accelerated like an idiot".

2017 Tesla Model S P100 D First Test: A New Record - 0 - 60 MPH in 2.28 Seconds! - Motor Trend

Tesla P 100 D reaches insane 2.28 second 0 - 60 time in test

Tesla Model S breaks acceleration record with Ludicrous Mode

The test was used for "P100D" located at the highest peak of the model S series.

The P100D is equipped with a high capacity battery of 100 kWh, a high performance motor mounted only on the high performance model on the rear, and an AWD (all-wheel drive) model that mounts the motor also at the front.

One of Tesla's symbols, a large monitor of the center console ......

Character of "LUDICROUS (Rudy class)" in the item of acceleration setting. This mode is a so-called hidden mode, it is necessary to find the setting item and set it by oneself.

When you try to turn on the mode, "Are you prepared for exceeding the limit? This will exhaust the motor, gearbox, battery," a gentle warning is displayed, so "Yes, bring it on! (Please turn it on!) ". If you do not want to stop it, just tap "No, I want my mommy!" (OK).

When stepping on the accelerator in that state, it dashes darkly with the car body sinking deeply. When you see the movie, you can understand, but of course there is no engine sound to raise, and the appearance unique to EV that shows intense acceleration with quietness like a train literally does not disappoint even if you look at it many times.

As it is, model S P100D is accelerated 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96.56 km / h acceleration)2 seconds 275507139Record time saying. It is said that it will have broke the 2.3 seconds barrier for the first time as a commercial vehicle that can travel on public roads.

Graphing acceleration G during acceleration shows that model S P100D (below graph blue) recorded 1.4 G stronger than Porsche 911 Turbo S (green) and Ferrari La Ferrari (red) I will. Considering that the model S P100D used for the test was a heavyweight class with a weight of 5062 pounds (about 2296 kg) including drivers and measuring instruments, this performance is staggering. However, compared to the other two cars, you can also see that the acceleration power tends to decrease when the vehicle speed gets on.

By the way, the price of the model S P100D in the US is from 137,700 dollars (about 15.2 million yen), and the vehicle used for the test has a price of 148,000 dollars (about 16.58 million yen). The price of Model S P100D in Japan is from 1,741,000 yen.

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