Mr. Ehlon Mask declares to improve the brakes of Tesla Model 3, which is said to be "problematic"

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A review magazine that is widely trusted in the United States "Consumer Reports (Consumer · Report) Mass production EV "Model 3"Received the evaluated case that" It is not enough to "Recommend" due to lack of braking performance,TeslaofEarlon maskAnnounced that the CEO will improve the braking performance pointed out.

Tesla Says It Will Issue Fix for Model 3 Brakes - Consumer Reports

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The popular price range EV "Model 3" produced by Tesla is a price range that is comparatively easy to reach as an EV car with a price of $ 35,000 (about 3.9 million yen), and Tesla is making great expectations It is a mass-produced car to do. However, Model 3 introduces too much robot into the production processProduction delay occursSeveral problems have been reported such as, for example.

Meanwhile, as a result of testing on Model 3, Consumer Report says that several problems including "braking performance" were found. The braking performance of Model 3 was measured with a full brake from 60 mph (about 96 km / h), and the distance needed to stop model 3 was 152 feet (about 46 m) And it was the lowest level among current commercial cars.

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Mr. Mask tweeted about the deficiency in braking performance pointed out by Consumer Report, "I believe it can be improved by updating the firmware installed in Model 3", improving braking performance without changing the body itself It shows the possibility to do.

"Tesla is pleased that Tesla took the test results seriously," said Jake Fisher, automotive testing director of Consumer Reports, after Tesla embarked on improving braking performance. " I talked. In addition, if Tesla can improve braking performance with only firmware updates, Consumer Report is ready to retest Model 3.

Besides the braking performance, Consumer Report says that the problem of "low ride comfort" and "noisy" lowered the score of Model 3, but Mr. Mask said, "Initial production It is a car, and these problems have been improved. "

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