More than 500,000 Romanian citizens who came out of the law declaring that "public finance corruption of 5 million yen or less is an offense" was on the scale since the collapse of the Cauausche regime

A large-scale demonstration that more than 500,000 citizens participate is taking place on the occasion that an emergency order to innocently release politicians involved in corruption in Romania was passed.

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You can check the state of the large-scale demo shaking Romania in the following movie.

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Emergency orders passed on January 31, 2017 are exempted from sentences if politicians and bureaucrats who were charged with crimes such as embezzlement of public money are less than 44,000 euros (about 5.3 million yen) It was scheduled to come into effect on February 10, 2017 with the content saying. The deliberation of this emergency order is done in private, and I can not deny the impression of laws and regulations made in a closed room quickly.

About the significance of the emergency order Although the Social Democratic Party of Japan explained as "one to ease the overcrowding of prisons", a society charged with crimes of embezzling public funds of 24,000 euros (about 2.9 million yen) Criticism has been raised that exclusion of Mr. Libiu Dragunair's crime as a party leader of the Democratic Party has been convicted in the past and is now the defendant of public money corruption case that Mr. Dragunair's prime minister is the true purpose .

Romanian citizens were furious at the time when an emergency order to disqualify dozens of politicians including Mr. Dragunea and bureaucrats and hundreds of bureaucrats passed in a closed room and they are about to be enforced promptly, protest demonstrations centered on the capital Bucharest Break out. More than 100,000 people gathered around the prime minister's office, the parliament building is surrounded by human chains, demo participants gather at victory plazas in the central part of Bucharest and skirmishes with security forces, etc. Demonstration is urgent order passed According to Euronews, more than 600,000 people participated in the demonstration on the evening of February 7th.

Since the population of Romania is approximately 20 million people, the fact that more than one citizen in 40 people participate in the demonstration is the size of the demonstration, and since the time when the Chawescu administration was overthrown in 1989 It has become a demonstration of the historical level of.

By Denoel Paris and other photographers

It is a large-scale Romanian demonstration that more than one people participate in 40 citizens, but onceRomanian RevolutionThere are also indications that it is different personality from the demo of the time. Whereas former demonstrations were born with the political ideology driven by the guidance of a particular leader, the Romanian demonstration in 2017 is centered on the individual 's "network (connection)" Thing. As a result, Euronews has also confirmed that the demo participants can call each other "Distractie placuta! (Fun !!)".

The Romanian government panicked on the scale of too much demonstrations withdrew the emergency order on February 5, 2017, but the citizen's opposition did not fit and the demo of the protest continued demanding that the cabinet ministers resign entirely It is. Prime Minister Sorin · Grindeanu said "We are responsible for the voters who voted for us," says the Prime Minister,Reject the request to withdraw"The government is stupid with us and we can not take it anymore, even if we win in Parliamentary election this government is no longer representative of the people"Citizen's opinionThere is also a state that does not predict when the riot will converge.

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