What is the surprise new demo implementation method devised by citizens protesting the prohibition bill?

In Spain at the end of 2014 "Citizens Security"The new public safety law called parliament passed a major topic in the country. Citizens have voiced opposition from the bill that passed the bill to fight demonstrations in front of major parliament buildings such as the Parliament House, and it is a bill to suppress criticism against the government. In a new form of demonstration that people who oppose this bill have this only to avoid punishment under the new law, attention is gaining attention for the first attempt in the world.

Spain's hologram protest: Thousands join virtual march in Madrid against new gag law - Europe - World - The Independent

"Holograms for Freedom"The group called solicited image data of the face and the whole body to users all over the world against the enforcement of the new law through the official website and created images of the demonstration march using that material. The images are used by more than 2,000 users, and the length is one hour and is comparable to the actual demonstration march.

And on April 11, 2015, Holograms for Freedom projected the created image like a hologram using a projector in front of the parliament building in Madrid, and conducted a virtual demonstration march. The state of the demo can be confirmed from the following movie.

Spain: Hologram rally outside parliament defends right to protest - YouTube

Blue translucent people marching up in front of the National Assembly voice.

Some even have a placard.

At the end, everyone gathered in front of the National Assembly and had a message against the enforcement of the new law.

When the New Public Security Law is enacted, it is illegal for people to gather in public facilities such as the National Assembly, universities, and hospitals without permission. If you demonstrate without permission, organizations that led the demonstration will be fined up to 600,000 euros (about 76 million yen), and many people criticize the New Public Security Act as a speech control law That is why.

However, even if the new law is enforced, it is shown that there is a loophole of stereoscopic video, and I am very concerned about the future response of the Spanish government.

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