Israel announces that it will track the behavior of new coronavirus infected people using `` system for terrorists ''

Various countries have taken various measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) , and Israel has banned those who stayed in Japan and South Korea from February 24, 2020, and From day one, we have banned virtually all foreigners . Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he will 'intercept mobile phone data and monitor for new coronavirus infections.'

Israel takes step toward monitoring phones of virus patients-ABC News

Israel has strict measures against the border, such as banning entry from other countries, but at the time of writing, the number of infected people in Japan has reached nearly 300, and infection is gradually spreading. In a TV speech, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that he would take measures to 'intercept and monitor mobile phone data to track the behavior of individuals with the new coronavirus.'

Israel, which has been under tension with neighboring nations, has been using technology to intercept mobile phone data to track terrorists, including Palestinian militants. This measure is expected to be an application of this technology, and the Israeli Intelligence Service , the Israeli Security Service (Shimbet) , which operates the system, will provide communication data for new coronavirus infected people.

'This is by no means a small countermeasure,' said Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating that 'tracking using mobile phone data would violate the privacy of non-criminals.' Tracking is to see who the patient has contacted and what happened during the illness, and to some extent violates privacy. '' Argued that it was an effective method.

To date, Israeli authorities have issued public recommendations to conduct interviews with known coronavirus-infected persons to track their actions and to quarantine tens of thousands of contacts. The new use of mobile phone communication data will improve the accuracy of grasping accurate patient movements before infection is detected and identifying people who may have contacted the patient.

Netanyahu acknowledged that unprecedented health damage caused by the new coronavirus justified the action, admitting that tracking using anti-terrorist systems had never been targeted at civilians. Then claim. For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, but Israeli authorities claim that it is a dangerous virus because the risk is increased if the infected person has an underlying disease or is elderly. doing.

This time of the measures have sparked a discussion about the use of technology to access the confidential information, which is Israel's left-wing opposition

Meretz serve the party leader Nitsuan Horowitz says, is 'clear rules' to supervise the use of technology and information Claim that it is necessary. Netanyahu discussed privacy issues with security and health officials yesterday and made changes to reduce the range of data collected to limit the data from misuse and restrict who has access to the information. That. Netanyahu's office has announced that Shinbet will not be involved in the enforcement of quarantine orders for patients with the new coronavirus infection.

Yuval Elovici , a cybersecurity researcher at the University of Negev Ben-Gurion in Israel, said the measure could help minimize privacy concerns, including by collecting data anonymously. Pointed out that the benefits were too large to ignore. 'There's definitely a privacy issue, but it makes sense to use technology to save lives in a technology society. I personally support this measure.' Said.

In addition, in Taiwan, which obliges people returning from dangerous areas to quarantine their homes for 14 days, similar to Israel, measures to `` track the behavior during home isolation using the location information of the mobile phone '' Is adopted.

What Taiwan can teach the world on fighting the coronavirus

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