A compact and powerful millimeter wave transmitter that can be applied to medical, communication, and IoT as far as traffic infrastructure is developed

A research group of the University of California at Irvine (UCI) developed a more compact and powerful millimeter wave signal generation chip than before. In addition to improving the imaging performance of organs and body tissues by scanning the inside of the patient's body, this device has the potential to be applied to wireless data communication which can be used in medical institutions and general lives.

UCI engineers developed powerful millimeter-wave signal generator

What pinched with tweezers is a millimeter wave signal generation chip developed by UCI's research team that can radiate radio waves called millimeter waves of 110 GHz to 330 GHz. Radio waves in this frequency band easily penetrate the solid, so shoot at the human body with sharp image quality by irradiating to the human bodyMillimeter wave imagingIt can be used for. Furthermore, it is thought that it is possible to use it as a radio wave for high-performance wireless communication in the future by using the property of propagating without obstacles as things.

This chip was developed by Prof. Payam Heydari of UCI and a graduate student and research team by researcher Peyman Nazari et al. Professor Heydari says, "This radiator is a big breakthrough and I am very pleased to have succeeded in designing it, which makes it a completely new way of physics and totally new devices. The output and efficiency of the developed equipment greatly separates other equipment. "

According to Mr. Nazari, the chip which designed it designs octagonal chip shape and has its own cavity (recessed part), it enables release of circularly polarized millimeter waves, realizing high output and efficiency Thing.

This device is expected to be utilized in the field of IoT (the Internet of the goods) which is expected to develop in the future. Moreover, by installing it in a car, it is said that it can also be used to realize smart mobility such as colliding with surrounding vehicles to prevent collision.

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