Transition of history of about 1000 years in continental Europe that can be seen in 3 minutes

ByMarcio Cabral de Moura

It is composed of 28 nations such as England, Italy, Spain, France, GermanyEuropean UnionHas a history of about 20 years, but a movie that shows the transition of the history of about 1000 years in about 3 minutes of countries that make up the European Union is "Abkebab's Map of Europe 1000 AD to present with timeline"is.

You can check the movie that understands the history of continental Europe from the following.

Abkebab's Map of Europe 1000 AD to present with timeline - YouTube

The twelfth century the boundary line of the Continent of Europe is completely different now. It is said that the area that is now Russia is the most prosperous in the continent of Europe during the 11th and 12th centuriesGrand Duchy of KievOf the country has the largest land area at this time.

AD 1200 years. The Kiev Grand Duchy is getting even more momentum.

In the year 1300 AD, in the current German area in northern Italy,Holy Roman EmpireHas strengthened the control of neighboring countries, but the Grand Duchy of Kiev completely disappeared,Empire of MongoliaButInvasion to PolandThen, occupying the national land until Europe.

Poland KingdomButGrand Duchy of LithuaniaConcurrently,Poland · Lithuania AllianceIs established. Pushing down the Mongol empire and becoming the largest continent of the European continent in 1400 years.

1500 AD. Spain and Portugal are out of EuropeStrengthen colonial rule, The Iberian Peninsula. At this time, France draws nearly the same border line as the present age. AlsoGrand Duchy of MoscowEnlarging the territory to Russia while encompassing the surrounding countries.

In the year 1600 AD,Russia · Poland WarIt is around time to open war, but from the great expansion of the country the Russian influence of that time can be seen.

It lasts about 200 years from the year 1721 ADRussian EmpireAdvance to swallow Poland. Also, in France where no major change was seenLouis XIVButSpain succession warIt starts to embark on.

The year 1800 AD. In the UK and around the worldIndustrial RevolutionAs the Russian Empire pushed for the rapid Westernization and modernization policy, it expanded the territory to become half of the continent of Europe. France also has power and power, On December 2, 1804 Emperor Napoleon throne to the throne.

In around 1900 when Japan began the opening of the Edo-Meiji eraGerman EmpireHas begun to emerge and is occupying the surrounding countries in a stretch.

Second World WarWhen the outbreak occurred the war situation greatly changed,Adolf HitlerBe ledNazis · GermanyIt swallows France and the European continent is split into two parts with Germany. Hungary is also extending its influence.

And after the establishment of the European Union the last year of the 20 th century, finally the same border line as the current map is drawn.

This movie ends in 2012. The current European Union is composed of a dozen religious spheres, more than 100 linguistic spheres and diverse countries, it can tell how power struggle and war are tormented.

In Europe, there are ethnic groups who still desire independence, so the change of the border line is not necessarily a negative transition, but in the future we will only pray that the sequel of this movie will not come out.

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