The use of "Touch Bar" installed in MacBook Pro is prohibited by bar exam

A new model "announced in October 2016MacBook Pro","Touch Bar"Is installed in the place where the function keys of ordinary keyboard are lined up. Menus corresponding to the application being used are displayed such as displaying the menu of movie playback and displaying thumbnail images of photos stored in the "photo" application, but in the United States In the judicial exam of the state, a state banning the use of the Touch Bar appeared.

Notice to All North Carolina Bar Examination Applicants regarding Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar |

North Carolina requires test takers disable MacBook Pro Touch Bar for bar exam

Touch Bar MacBook Pros are being banned from bar exams over predictive text | TechCrunch

In the American bar exam, candidates are allowed to bring in my private laptop. However, North Carolina State is scheduled to take place in February 2017 and informed candidates who brought MacBook Pro to turn off the Touch Bar function. If you do not turn off the Touch Bar, you will be forbidden to enter the exam room.

According to AppleInsider of IT related media delivered mainly by Apple information, though it is not detailed in detail why Touch Bar is banned, Touch Bar It is said that it was possible to rewrite the program and prohibited it as possibly leading to cheating.

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Also, California prohibited bringing the MacBook Pro to the exam itself. The reason for the ban is explained as "It contains a specific embedding function that is problematic in use". In addition, the use of Touch Bar is prohibited in February in Colorado province, and the reason is "It is not compatible with the security function of ExamSoft software". Besides this, the use of Touch Bar is prohibited or restricted in several states such as New York State.

ExamSoft software is a testing program for judicial exams, the developer ExamSoft recommends the examiner to turn off the Touch Bar function of the examinee's MacBook Pro before the exam at the official site. On the official site of ExamSoft, it says "It is possible to display predictive input of characters in Touch Bar with default settings", and it seems that cheating from prediction input is worried.

Disabling the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

In the past, there is a fierce man who operated DOOM of FPS game at Touch Bar.

Doom on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar - YouTube

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