"Cat fruit coffee shop" where you can eat crisp and crisp palate with cat face and meat ball

Chiba prefecture Urayasu city cat cat (Nekozane) is providing the original "cat naka naka" which shaped the cat face and hand pawsCat cat coffee shop"there is. Although you can purchase even Moga in the net, it is a story that it is a pretty cozy coffee shop, so I went to eat locally.

Cat cat coffee shop

Speaking Urayasu is famous as the location of Tokyo Disney Resort. However, the nearest station of the cat fruit coffee shop is Urayasu station of Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, not Shinrayan Station of the Keiyo Line. The place is here.

Urayasu station front is like this. After leaving the station from the south entrance or west entrance, follow the building on the left towards the photo.

Then, because I hit the prefectural highway No. 6, south to the road.

Cross the "Urayasu station front" intersection and continue straight ahead.

Take the first branch to the left. In the place just bentOsho busThere is the Urayasu community bus "Urayasu station" (No. 9) bus stop.

As you go straight ahead, you will find the Urayasu City Library Cat Factory on the left side, and there is the "Central Public Hall" (No. 10) bus stop in front of that. Here we enter the alley that splits to the right side.

It is hard to notice for a moment because there are no big signs etc ... ...

This is a cat cat coffee shop.

Both the drink menu and the dessert menu are fulfilling, but this time "cat fruit blend" (480 yen) ... ...

I ordered "Kitty Norika" for one person (180 yen per one). Even though the taste is the same, there are 3 types of appearance, so order three.

There is an aroma of coffee drifting inside the shop, and the feeling calms down by it alone. In the vicinity of the entrance, we sell miscellaneous goods as well as coffee cans and fish.

A coffee cup lined up on the wall

There is a cat illustration on the washroom wall.

While I was doing that, coffee was also brought in.

There are three kinds of stickers: "cat's face", "black cat's face", "cat's hand". Black cat is black with Ikasumi powder, but the taste is the same for all three kinds.

Content is a walnut (walnut) caramel with citron peel. Even if it enters caramel, it is hardened in ticks, and it is a texture made polyporacious with walnut. And the skin of the stomach is crisp. Soft sweetness without corners is perfect for matching with coffee without sugar or milk. Although it is said that cat fruit blend is too bitter, it is sweet and not saved because it is too bitter, not bitter bitterness that remains bitter but remains on the tongue, so in the mouth after swallowing it is a refreshing bitterness and The scent of coffee remains.

Because it was awesome, I tried ordering "chilled bean paste ice" too. Cat fruits use only leather.

It is a dish that adds a crisp texture to the sweetness of ice cream cold or hot.

If you are in the neighborhood, I would like to go to eat coffee with some snack time.

I decided to head to Shin-Urayasu station, not Urayasu station on the way back. On the way to the bus stop after leaving the shop, I encountered a cat with a cat.

The bus heading for Shin-Urayasu station leaves from the bus stop in front of the library.

It is one pace every 20 minutes from 7:32 to 20:32.

It was around 20 minutes to Shin-Urayasu station. Charges are 100 yen for adults, 50 yen for children, and use of IC cards is possible. Since the vehicle is small and the number of seats is small, there is a possibility not to sit, so if there is no circumstance that it is necessary to use the Keiyo Line inevitably, it may be easier and quicker to walk back to Urayasu station.

By the way, the boxed stomach can be put in a box like this.

Peel off the sticker of the cat mark ... ...

The cat is slippery.

It seems to be ants to warm up a little with the toaster.

In addition, cat nuts are alsoCat cat coffee shop web shopAs it is possible to purchase at, please use this place if you can not go to the store.

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