"Math Attack" game for smartphones that shoot down the aggressor who uses the calculation formula while being seen by a beautiful girl

A game for smartphones fighting the imminent invader using the math ability of the level learned elementary school such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division is "Math Attack"is. Because it seems to be good for a little brain exercise because it is mathematical level, but I am asking for computing ability, I tried playing with crispy.

Math Attack - Android application on Google Play

I can understand what kind of game "Math Attack" is, by seeing the following movie in one shot.

I tried to play the game "Math Attack" to shoot down invaders by using calculations while being seen by a beautiful girl - YouTube

When starting the application, click "Play" to start the game.

When the game starts, an invader like an egg hanging from a balloon on which numerals are displayed from the top of the screen comes down. At the bottom of the screen, six "numbers" and "+" are displayed.

Tap "3", "+", "6" in order to complete the formula "3 + 6".

When the formula is completed, the missiles are fired ......

Defeat the invader with the number "9" displayed and get 1 point. It is the rule of "Math Attack" to combine numerals and symbols to form mathematics and to knock down the invaders so that it matches the number of the balloon of the invader. Points that you can earn will increase don Dong if you defeat the invaders in a row without mistaking the formula. Although it was 1 point in one body defeat, it will increase up to 16 points, but once consecutive defeat is interrupted due to mistake etc., 1 body will turn back to 1 point again.

Besides, although a beautiful girl gives a hint only when it is "Level 1" in the first stage, it is a tsundere type that it does not help otherwise.

As you destroy the invaders, the stage level reaches level 2. In level 2, "-" increased in addition to "+".

Even if the number of symbols increases, the rules do not change, just make mathematics and shoot down the invaders.

When level 3 is reached "x" is increased ...

When reaching level 4, "/ (÷)" is added. As symbols increase, it becomes difficult to construct formulas, but if you calculate calmly about level 4 you should be able to clear it without problems.

The difficulty also rises as the level rises. Balloon figures get bigger ...

The number of balloons will increase at once, or "negative numbers" will appear, and gradually the calculations will become more complicated.

When the invader reaches the ground (the boundary between the lake and the grass), the life displayed on the upper right of the screen decreases by 1, and when the aggressor becomes zero, the game is over. In the bar displayed at the upper left of the screen, "red" represents the degree of progress of the invader, "green" represents the degree of progress to the next level, but honestly, There is hardly any.

"Math Attack" is free, but there is an advertisement display. However, since the advertisement is displayed after the game over, it should not be an obstacle to play.

I reached level 61 after playing several times. It took about 20 minutes from Level 1 to 61, so I recommend you to play when there is some time. Tips for playing is not to see just one balloon, no matter how much the balloon is increased, to envision the path of checking the numbers of multiple balloons at once and constructing the calculation formula in the head. Occasionally, there are times when I can calculate as if my brain wakes up, and this pleasant sensation seems to be habitable.

The game 'Math Attack' is currently only available on Android and not released for iOS. However, as there is a game with the same name and different content in the App Store, it is necessary to be careful not to mistake "Math Attack".

Math Attack - Android application on Google Play

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