All-you-can-eat puzzles, action shooting games, etc. made in 50 years

I was focusing on game development to make interesting gamesABAHas released 50 games made over a year. The game is a Flash & HTML 5 mini game that can be played on the browser, not only is it full of retro feeling but also that the game content has both habits and two habits, so I actually played it little by little.

I have created 50 games in 2014 - ABA Games


SCAFFOLD NOW is a game in which puzzles and actions are united. Drop the blocks that come out one after the other with the keyboard and make a foothold, operate the yellow character and climb up to the top. If you are crushed by a block or hit the bottom of the screen, the game is over.


SATELLITE CATCH is a game that disappears red bubbles coming from all directions while operating a yellow ball with a mouse cursor. If you hit the large and small flying red balls, yellow balls will gradually get smaller. The greater the ball you hit, the greater the damage, so you need to be careful.


Balloon BURROWER is playing with the ball cursor bursting on a red balloon and the balloon will rupture so that the balloon will rupture well and the green ball will not go out of the screen. The operation is very simple as it only moves the mouse cursor, but the movement of the balloon can not be predicted and it is quite difficult.


REFLECTOR SATELLITES is a shooting game that shoots and defeats the enemies approaching, but it also includes elements of a puzzle game where eight opponent walls are tilted to reflect the bullets and attack enemies. Panic is inevitable when the enemy comes closer to the eyes, it may be irritated because you can not operate as easily as you think, but the feeling when you survive the pinch is the highest.


POLAR NS is a game that puts N poles in the air and moves obstacles while operating the floating magnets. If you continue to set N pole in front, you can go fast enough to catch up with your eyes, and it is quite thrilling to get away from obstacles at high speed.

◆ 06:SUM 10

Even if you select a square of 10, if you select a square of numbers using the keyboard "↑" "→" "↓" "←" and count the score by setting the total of the numbers to a multiple of 10, If not, the game is over. A game for people who are good at mental arithmetic.

◆ 07:CALC + - * /

"↑" "→" "↓" "←" of the keyboard corresponds to "×" "+" "÷" "-" respectively, and the two blocks in which the numbers arranged in the vertical direction are written "× "CALC + - * / is a game that applies one of the" + "" ÷ "" - "to the same number written next to the block.


TYPHOON AVENUE is a game that collects light blue typhoons while manipulating white typhoons. It gets smaller when hitting a red typhoon, and ends when it gets smaller enough to disappear. You can destroy a red typhoon that is smaller than yourself if you collect a light blue typhoon continuously and make it huge. It is getting harder as time passes.


A game that turns the character turning around the block to "right direction" and "left direction" and collects items on the screen. Each time you pick an item, the moving speed will be faster.


DO NOT SEE ME is an action game that advances so that it will not be found by enemies. To defeat the enemy, just hit the body from the back. Even if you approach the enemy softly from the back, if you are careless you will look back and chase after you.


POLE SLIP DOWN is a game that moves the yellow wall with clearance left and right and drops the green block falling down from the top down. Game over if the falling block hits the left and right of the screen. Even if you move it properly, the block falls down naturally, so difficulty is relatively easy.


It is SIDE WALLS MULTI KICKS to kick up the left and right walls and jump upward. Since there are only obstacles to go, we will proceed while adjusting the direction of jumping well.


It is EARTH DEFENSE STICKS to shoot the up and down and left and right beams and destroy the approaching stars. Since the operation method is only "↑" "→" "↓" "←" of the keyboard, it is pretty simple.


A shooting game that protects your base from the enemies who come with Walla Walla. Since the game is over when the base is destroyed, no matter how many times a tank to operate it will die, there is no problem. Adjusting the shooting direction is more difficult.


It is DETERMINISTIC PANELS to select the way of the panel so as not to hit obstacles. Under the panel you do not know how the road is hidden, so it may be easier to compare with the front and back panels.


If you move the mouse cursor over a green block that grows while moving, it will reduce the number of blocks so we will reduce green blocks well so that we can not move the red block that runs side by side closer to the green block. If the red block touches the green block or there is no green block, the game is over.


OVEREXPLODE looks like a shooter at all sight, but when you shoot enemies explosion happens, you die if you hit an explosion regardless of your enemies or ally. If you use the blast well, you will be easy to defeat the enemy but you will also die, so enjoy playing while calculating around it.


The enemies appearing in MISSILE COMES BACK TO ME will release missiles. The missile has a fan-shaped tracking range, and as it follows it, it chases you, so guides you well and hits the missile against the enemy and destroys it.


PROMINENT MOUNTAIN manipulates not the character but the way the character passes. Operate the mouse cursor up and down to raise or lower the road to play while avoiding obstacles.


When you install a trap and lure an enemy, the trap changes to a point, so a game where you install good things and induce enemies and get points. Puzzle game closer than shooting.


A game that just keeps wielding the walls coming up from the top and bottom, right and left. I can cure because of simplicity.


PINCER ATTACK is a shooting game that shoots enemies coming out from the left and right of the screen. Unlike an ordinary shooting game, the movement is slow, so the operation is quite difficult, and the difficulty level is quite high.


The graph drifting with the hula will rise when it hits the blue line, and it will descend when it hits the red line. Let's adjust so as not to rise or fall too much while manipulating the graph.


It is a game that only manipulates objects like rocks and takes points, but the interesting thing is where the screen rotates when you press "Z" or "H" on the keyboard. If you rotate the screen to make it easy to proceed, it will be easy to go unexpectedly, but suddenly the rotation speed gets faster and it may be crushed by the wall.


If you shoot vertically oriented blocks, you will see a portrait orientation and a landscape block will shoot a beam in landscape orientation. When that beam hits another block it gets broken and it shoots the beam again. Good things If you chain it, it is possible to destroy a large number of blocks just by shooting a single block.


ENVIRON is a puzzle game where you can place a block so that it surrounds it with a red block, and you can break a block in the space surrounded by it. The screen is going slowly downwards, and if the block reaches the bottom of the screen, the game is over.


Players can fire bullets only on the two lines that intersect at the center of the screen. You can only shoot with blue or red, but if you shoot black, it's game over.


SPEED BARRIER is a game that destroys the block while increasing the speed by moving the ball up, down, left and right. When the speed is fast, the red attribute is set, and when it is late, it becomes the blue attribute, the same attribute can be destroyed, and if the attribute is different, it can not be destroyed. We will adjust the speed and change the attributes according to the situation.


Although FIGURE OF EIGHT is a shooting game, players play "play" instead of moving fighter aircraft. As for what it is, shoot a bullet automatically while stopping by stopping the fighter moving with the mouse with the left click, playing while playing enemies and bullets. As you know the timing to stop, the difficulty level may be very low.


When you hold the left click of the mouse, the orbit of the boomerang is displayed, so after hitting the enemy to orbit, throw the boomerang and destroy the enemy. It is a little strange game with a high shooting element.


BOUNCE RISE It is BOUNCE RISE to manipulate the jumping blocks and collect light blue blocks. If you hit a purple block, the game is over.


A small block operated by the player is attracted by the gravity of the big star. The player controls the gravity with the mouse cursor, and plays while playing big stars.


GEMINI YOU DO is a simple shooting game just to operate a fighter that is shooting automatically. Operate with "↑", "→", "↓" "←" on the keyboard and play and sprinkle anyway.


SPRINGING is a game that jumps the world by side scrolling and gathers points without falling into the hole. The player operates by making the advance speed of the screen faster or slower. It is full of thrill to escape at a brisk speed by speeding up just before falling into a hole.


CHARGE RUSH is a normal shooting game, but the progress of the game is abnormally fast. As enemies come out of the Bunbune, it is inevitable that eyes will not catch up soon. It is recommended for people who are good at shooting games.


It is ROW LEFT RIGHT to play by swimming in space with the mouse. The operation with subtle force adjustment is exquisite, and it is a trick to go slowly without carelessness.


TOP EDGE SCROLL is a shooting game where the screen goes up by scrolling upwards, the player just operates the fuselage left and right with the mouse. Free movement like normal shooting game is restricted, and it takes a little time to get used to.

◆ 38:DOT CAR

The left click of the mouse is an accelerator, and the racing game which moves right and left when moving the mouse is DOT CAR. While it is an ordinary racing game, it is addictive that the operation is simple and will be redone over and over.


A shooting game in which even the items along with the enemy are urouro. If you pick an item, the aircraft will power up more and more but if you give too much greedy it's game over.


REFLECRED, a game that draws white lines, red balls to red walls, and blue balls to bounce back toward the blue wall, is a fairly simple category among 50 games.


TRIPLE TRAPLE is a puzzle game that manipulates white blocks and collects and erases three blocks that fly from all sides. In order to erase the block it is necessary to gather 3 same colors, the color of the block increases with time, the game is over if it gets too big.


SIDE TO SIDE is a game to get rid of obstacles while jumping to the left or right. The more you jump, the faster the speed of progress. If you aim for a high score, it is recommended to play slowly and carefully.


A game that chooses the role of matching poker by the time the cards fall from the top. To play it requires momentary judgment and knowledge of poker. At first we start from 2 pieces, but after a while it will be 5 pieces, the difficulty level will rise at a stretch.


PSEUDO COLLISION is a game that keeps obstacles to disturb from the top and bottom, while adjusting the speed. Because the hit determination is severe, the difficulty level may be quite high.


It only gathers points that fly from all directions, but suddenly changes to an enemy of instant death if you hit a point. Although I played several times, I did not see the signs that the point turned into an enemy, and I decided to play with luck, so I could not get a high score


BUBBLE CONNECTION is the game which clicks and destroys the closing bubble from below. As bubbles overlap each other, they can be destroyed as if they are linked together, so when you put them all together and erase them all at once, they are exceptional in refreshing feeling.


CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE made the game break one step higher. The bouncing ball stops once at the center, and as the ball further breaks, the ball increases, so if you break a lot of blocks it will be a chaotic expansion.


CROSS CANNON is a game that defeats an enemy approaching from twelve pipes surrounding the surroundings. Players can hit only up, down, left, and right, and there are only 9 places that can be moved.


HAVE IT COMING is a shooting game with just shooting the enemies coming out from above, but it is a miso that the player shoots a parabola instead of a straight line. If there are multiple enemies on the parabola, you can defeat them collectively, so if you think about where you shoot and play,


The fluffy and drifting enemies rush by being attracted by the player's gravity, but the player can not shoot bullets. How to defeat the enemy is to use a bomb written as "B". Attract a large number of enemies, and if you knock down at a stroke with a bomb, it is efficiency up.

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