"Euderus set" which parasitizes parasites and operates thinking and dedicates internal organs to opponent


Parasitic on creatures that are "host"A parasiteThere are various types, but if it is originally parasitic parasitic parasitic on the side "parasitizing" to control thinking, eventually will act to become your own food "Euderus set (Enderus Set)Insect behavior called so called is reported.

Insidious wasp gets ahead by tunneling through host's head

Tales from the crypt: a parasitoid manipulates the behaviors of its parasite host | Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences

A small bee called a tamahaInsectWe make "wolf" called a tree, and larvae of the bear grow up while eating the inside of this insect. And when becoming an adult, a bean creates a way by gnawing the tissue of the tree and goes out of the insect.

The insect made by the bear is like this.

However, according to the research published on January 25, 2017, as a result of observation of the bear, as a result, it closed itself by the hole of the insect and shut itself, it turned out that there was an individual who died. This is because another parasite called "Crypt keeper wasp / Euderus set" parasitizes the bear and manipulates the behavior. "Set" of Euderus set appears in Egyptian mythology, the god of destruction that personified the darknessSetoIt was taken from.

You can see how the action taken by the Euderus set is, by looking at the illustration below. Normally, tadpole grown in insects bite the tree's organization and go out to the outside world, but the bear that is parasitic on the Euderus set stops acting after making a way by gnawing trees, Just stop with the head covering the hole. After that, the larvae of Euderus set will grow in insects and go out to the outside world, but at this time, it is the body of the bear who does not bite the Euderus set to make a tunnel, not the bark . By covering the hole made in the tree with bean paste, Euderus set will be able to go out to the outside without chewing the hard bark.

Researchers covered the hole of the tree covered with a bamboo head with a bark and found that three times the number of Euderus set when not covered with barks died without leaving the hole Thing.

According to Kelly Weinersmith of Rice University who studied, "From this it is considered that Euderus set manipulates the behavior of the bear because the Euderus set goes out.Euderus set is less powerful than tamabachi "Talked about.

However, it is unknown at the time of article creation as to how the Euderus set aims and targets a bear growing in the insect. Researchers disassembled the hole of the tree blocked by the head of the bear and found that a pupa of Euderus set was found from a part of the body of the host, the host of the host. At this time, the internal organs of the bear has already disappeared, did the Euderus set that was born in the body of the host, Tamaibachi, eaten the internal organs or the Euderus set bred separately from the host go out? It seems that he did not know whether he was going on eating his body.

In addition, when examining 168 tadpoles with lid on the hole of the wood with the head, there were only four body that did not have the Euderus set in the body, so accidentally a bear stuck in the hole when going out , The possibility of being denied.

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