"Yo-kai watch" appeared in the center exam of 2017, what kind of problem was it?

Center examination for FY2004 that began on January 14, 2017. The first thing was done by Geography, History, Citizen's test, "World History A" "World History B" "Japanese History A" "Japanese History B" "Geography A" "Geography B" "Modern Society" "Ethics "Ethics, Politics · Economy", but I chose to select two subjects, but in the problem of "Japanese History A" in this "Yo-kai watch"The character has appeared in the subject is becoming a topic.

The topic is the question of Japanese history A 4. Two youkai are appearing as youkai painted by Mr. Shigeru Mizuki who is the creator of GeGeGe no Kitarō, and "Mudazukai" and "Robonyan" appearing in the youkai watch.

"Youkai became a robot! Presence that can rely on full of useful functions"

There are also tweets that reflect both question and answer questions.

The problems that can be read from tweets are as follows.

Regarding the underlined part C, for the sentences a to d on the next page described concerning the respective events which are regarded as the background of the appearance of the youkai drawn in the next manga / animation images I to IV, the correct pair Please choose one out of 1 to 4 below it.

A: In the period when domestic appliances, which are regarded as underworld of youkai, are spreading, supermarkets spread to various places, consumption and living changes have progressed.

B: When electric appliances, which are regarded as conditions for the apparition of II, appeared popular, Japan's international industry had been plagued by hollowing out.

C: Stock price rose sharply in the period of the bubble economy, which is regarded as the background of the III youkai.

D: Although the IV youkai is regarded as a robot, the introduction of robot technology was promoted in the period of rapid growth where companies worked on weight loss management.

① a · c, ② a · d, ③ b · c, ④ b · d

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