Movie 'Message' making image that can witness the CG technology which no longer understands the "shooting" position

Recent movie production where CG technology is thoroughly introduced makes it possible to create scenes that are impossible in reality. Suddenly the mysterious spaceship that suddenly fell to the earth, the human beings confronting it, and the science fiction movie that reads "something" the space ship is about to conveymessageAlthough the movie that summarized the scenes of the CG used in the exhibition was released, its contents are continuous of surprises even if I review it over and over again.

Arrival - Making Of - Oblique FX on Vimeo

A scene of a helicopter flying towards a mysterious spaceship. Which ones are CGs ......

It is like this if only the original image. The clouds flowing down the slope of the mountain seem to be using natural ones.

Humanity trying to approach a black spaceship floating in. Not to mention the situation at the time of shooting ......

Like this. It is not easy to imagine while imagining objects that are invisible to the eyes.

Scenery of highway. This scene is not an actual set, but it seems that the method of "mat painting" based on a picture drawn finely is used.

Here, first draw shadows and tank traces of travel with CG ... ...

Plus also CG tanks and soldiers

Finally, the color scene is adjusted and the movie scene is completed.

This scene is masterpieces. Taking a set of nature with forests and roads in the foreground ... ...

I drew a forest with CG and masked the road. It looks as if the scenery is spreading from the beginning.

And plus spacecraft and car here with CG. The spaceship is still a surprising fact of being CG until the car.

In this scene, plus grass by CG in addition to CG and helicopter. From the ex-genuine grass is growing, there is a thorough commitment to make scenes "growing" grass with CG there further.

The scene where the human battleship confronts the spaceship is full CG.

Build a building in a large set ... ...

Add CG processing to one scene of the movie. In addition to being drawn by the space ship and the detail around the building, it is also noteworthy that the surrounding road has disappeared beautifully.

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